me + my EX = A mess!

January 25, 2010
okay heres my story of trust and betrayal, and truth and lies. this whole relationship started out magical. he'd text me every night and weekend. he went to my school and was in all my classes. he'd allways talk to me. but then something went rancid in the perfect mix of passion and happiness. his brother interfered and got my number from him. then started to text me from my ex's number. i thought it was my ex so i comfronted him about it the next day. then he'd meet me with a simple i don't know. then came the break up. that night on the bus. i was sitting in my seat in the front when he looked at me. he asked me if i was angry and i replied yes. then he said. your allways angry at me1 we're done! everyone gawked at me and him then becan to snicker. then the snickers turned into roaring laughter. i quickly hid my face in my hoodie and cried. then he continued to text messages saying hey s**y. untill one day i had enough! i finally texted him: if you ever text me again, i will tell my mom who will tell the princapal, who will bust you. he hasn't texted me since then. but he still glares at me in the hall. he glares at me every time he sees me, and never talks. he'll tslk about me behind my back and just continue to hurt me. even if we're no longer together.

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