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January 22, 2010
By , Houston, TX
In this world ,we are several brought together as one , we have different types of wants, desirers, wishes, believes, but do have the chance and the want to be free, ,free from sickness, despite, depression, dept from witch we as humans and mankind can only walk in the shadows that be with in us, My name is B I am living proof of depression just as many others are, I’m a young adult with many of insight for witch not many people can understand unless they have experienced what it feels like to be the child of a man who is a criminal witch is scary for me, always wondering if he knows where I am, what I’m doing, stocking me, but then I think this man gots nothing to hold me back from living my life, all though I will always remember what my father did and still does, in my world I’m a 16 ½ year old that has watched people be sexually insulted , and many of other things that no child should ever have to experience ,all though I’m also living proof of a person that was sexually insulted by a young man of the age of 18,it still haunts me tell this day, the reason why I’m writing this is to share my life with others that have or is going through similar thing, I’m no pro or have no desire to be a pro but my dreams are to be an actress, singer, writer, many things that I’m going to achieve regardless of what comes in my way, I’m going to push beyond my limits. As shall all you out there, if you have been kidnapped, raped, sexually insulted, abused then share your story and see how many people it can reach out to, don’t be scared, be brave all though it may seem like no one cares or can understand but some can. don’t let any thing or any one hold you back from achieving your dreams and goals with in life cause then there’s no point in having a life if your not going to live your life to the fullest. Be in the word I call faith as long as you have that you’ll be great in someone’s eyes. don’t hold back, don’t hold in your feelings cause all it does is builds and builds until you do something that cant be undone such as kill your self or do something that can harm others. Be smart, share, live, speak, be honest to yourself and others and never hold back, speak your mind and speak the truth.think of martin luther king jr. he spoke i have a dream and now his dream came true,look at the woman that sat on the front of the bus and refused to move to the back,she stood up for herself and her people.look at john f kennedy he was a great president and then some one stood up and shot him just because that person didnt agree with his ways and his thoughts of making the united states of america a great nation,then we have barak o'bama who is a man of a different color ski tone but we as americans and humans are all equally the same so dont be a man or woman that is like a criminal.

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brieepeacock said...
Jan. 28, 2010 at 8:28 pm
hey guys for thoughs that read this my name didnt get completed n spelling witch is my error its briee s other than that i hope you guys like it nd rate and comment
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