January 25, 2010
By Anonymous

There are a lot of things that I’ve done that I regret. Most of them are unimportant things that aren’t really significant. The summer of 2009 was a time I regret.
A month before school ended I did something I really bad; I kissed one of my best friends ex boyfriend. I really regret doing it and decided not to tell anyone about it, but after awhile I couldn’t keep it to myself any longer and I told one of my friends. Telling her wasn’t a very good idea, because after a week she had told more people. Pretty soon it wasn’t a secret; it was a rumor. All of my friends knew bout they all kept quiet, pretending they didn’t. I was the only one unaware of what was happening. I started feeling guilty and finally confess to some of my closest friends. I sensed something wasn’t right when they weren’t at all surprised by what I’d done. When my friend explained of having told everyone else I was dazed. It him me so hard since she was the first one I told and the only one I trusted enough. Pretty soon I had forgiven her and the whole thing was behind us, but for one of my friends it wasn’t. She was disappointed in my for not telling her first; since I’ve known her the longest. Over this small thing she started a huge fight. Trying to confront me about all the rumors she’d heard, which none of were true. Shortly after, we stopped talking and we started avoiding seeing each other. But once school started she found she couldn’t avoid me any longer. I explained the whole situation to her and she finally understood. We fixed our friendship and became closer that ever.
What I regret the most was kissing that boy. What I should’ve thought of before I did it was should’ve been the people that matter to me the most, my friends. All the times that I do something I regret I’ve acted out of my emotions. I never stopped to think who it would affect. I learned a lot that summer and I won’t ever forget it.

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