A Rough Time

January 25, 2010
This is a story about a rough time for my family, but it taught us a valuable lesson. The story begins after school.
One day after school I got home, and about 5 minutes later my mom walked in.
Now what made it weird was that she usually came home about 3 hours after me. So when she walked in I noticed she was crying. She also had a box full of her stuff from her office. So I asked her, “Mom what are you doing home so early?” She responded with, “I am sorry you guys, but I lost my job.” This was a shock to everyone, but we thought we could make it through. For the rest of the day we comforted her, but it got worse.
A few days later my mom got a call from our landlord. He said, “You have to move out by Christmas.” This just made everything worse. The fact that she lost her job was bad but now we have to move out by Christmas! So for about a month we helped her look for a house. Then we found the house we wanted. We got the house, we rented of course. Then about a week later she got a job. All that happened to us was for everything to get better.

What we learned was that God makes everything happen for a reason. Also, that you are able to get through everything as a family. That’s the story of the time when my mom lost her job.

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