the breath

January 24, 2010
By , irving, TX
the breath
I entered that house I lost hope finding my friend so I went to the place where I called home I knew it wasn't but I like to lie to my sometimes. I walked threw the door their was arguing when I entered my best friend was sitting on the couch using her computer it all seemed normal to her and so I got use to it to. her eyes held a lot of mystery she pass threw a lot of thing that can fill through a whole book. me and her where so alike she would understand me and so could I but there was thing that I couldn't do and she could that was what made us different. I sat right by her watching every movement in her computer and then we heard a yelp from what seemed a long hall way and crowded we got to her moms room she couldn't take the arguing that was going on so her heart stopped she was lying in her bed with zebra striped bed sheet she couldn't breath she seemed like her life was going to be taken up. Their was a lot of crying and no one new what to do I saw how tears rolled down her eyes she had a family she new she had to take care of .I fanned her maybe that would helped I guessed. She was only hoping she could breath again so she gasped,and gasped for a breath but that only made it harder I walked around I couldn't think straight and then I walked back to the room I held my arm I put it in her heart and she held her arm out to mine I knew that my only hope would be my god. he did a lot of miracles I only hoped he heard I sang with a tune that only accrued to me in that moment. I sang to him and the gasping stopped all around me was black and the only thing I could see from a long distance a beaming light on me. My god heard me and when the ambulance came she was better and she didn't leave the house they asked her question and the man looked at me and said if I was part of her family and she said yes she is I smiled and when they left I lied down with her in bed and she said thank you I smiled and I said it wasn't me it was my god I had faith and he appeared and there I knew that this was more of my family then I could ever feel in that moment I felt loved and that was special all thanks to my god .

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