Those people that make me smile

January 19, 2010
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I have three very close best friends: the twins Lily and Esther, and Larissa. Lily and Esther are very similar to each other. Both have dark brown, curly hair and lovely faces. And both have green eyes and a little cute nose. They are really pretty. But their characters are different. Lily has a strong personality. She had so many hard times in her life like deal with the fact, that her brother her parents send her brother away because he did bad things. But she manages all of those situations and don’t look back at them. I admire her a lot! The perfect definition for Esther: she is crazy. You can do everything with her. And if you are sad, than she is the right person to go to. Sometimes, when we just sit in her room or anywhere else, we look at each other and then one of us starts to laugh and the other one laughs too. This situation works only with Esther.

I have known Lily and Esther since the third grade, when I moved with my family

.. I didn’t know anyone and I had no friends. I was so excited about the first day in my new school. Lily was the only one who came to me and tried to speak with me. It was hard to communicate with me because my German was not really good ( I knew the basics but I could barely read or write in German). I learned the language and Lily and I became good friends. Lily invited me to sleep over almost every weekend, and Esther and I were good friends too, because she spent time with Lily and me. We played a lot of games together, games like Monster searching or dress up. In monster searching we put temporary tattoos on our hands, which glowed in the dark, if you put them under light. We switched the lights off and hid and one of us had to catch the other players. You just saw the little tattoo, so it was really difficult to find someone. The other game, dress up, was like a fashion show. We put some nice clothes on, most of the time summer clothes (like shorts and colorful tank tops) because we liked them more and turned the music on. One of our favorite songs was Skater boy by Avril Lavigne. Then we just walked in the room, made funny poses and laughed a lot! We played so many games, which we invented, but I don’t remember all of them. Since then we are best friends and I can talk to them about everything and trust them!
Lily and Esther are both in the US (Texas) to study here. I talk to them a lot and if one of us need help, we talk or skype together and try to find a solution for the problem. I love them so much!

In the seventh grade I met Larissa. Larissa is small with short, brown, curly hair. She has green eyes and a pretty face. She is a really cute girl. Larissa is a very messy and forgetful person, but that’s my Larissa and she is perfect, just how she is. From the first day I met her, I knew that she was going to be a good friend of mine, because she was just like me. We studied together in school about 4 years. I liked Larissa every day more and more and after a while, we were best friends. I can talk to her about everything and I can trust and count on her.

For me friends are essential. They help you, support you and you can learn a lot from each other. My friends and my family are the most important thing in my life. We are always there for each other. The absence of them is hard for me. But during my time here, I learned to appreciate everything. I learned to appreciate how my mom makes sandwiches for school for me and my brothers every day and how she always does the laundry. I have to do those things by my own now. From my friends I appreciate how they always helped me if I had questions or problems. I realized that it is not so easy to find friends like your best friends that you grew up with. Friends that you can tell everything and you know they listen to you and you can trust them. But it is nice to have friends and a good connection with your family. And it is even nicer, if you show each other how happy you are, that they are part of your life.

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