Heart locked in jail

January 22, 2010
My family hated him. I loved him and didn't judge him because of his past. It had been years that I waited for him to come home to me. Not just on weekend passes from the halfway house. I wanted him to be home with me. The phone calls made each day pass by slower because it got to the point where all I wanted to do was wait by my phone for him to call. July Felt different. And Sunday night he left to go back to his "home". I sat alone Monday thinking that it was five days and He'd be back. My family tried to make me move on. Not willing to tell me who not to love but pretty much saying he wasn't the one. "Must Be Nice" by Lyfe Jennings replayed in my head. I wasn't going any where. Not even when he got sent back to jail, I'm still here waiting for him to return home. My family hate him. But with him my heart is locked up too. I'm there with him in my thoughts and dreams. In his he's here with me. My family say I'm stupid my father all but disowned me and still I don't walk away. I believe every things going to work out because we share one love. My family will one day understand I hope because I don't want to have to choose.

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