Dear...Love...Part 3

January 20, 2010
By , Beverly Hills, CA

So far, this week hasn't been great. It's exam time, so in all my classes, we can't really talk. In music, we had a "Study hall", but you didn't really acknowledge me. You were talking to that annoying girl again. Ugh! I hate her, always have, and always will. And then you did something really silly. And you laughed. I found myself laughing along, just because you're so damn cute! All the time I wonder what it's like to have a boyfriend. I've never had one, never even been lucky enough to hold a boy's hand. And then I wonder what it would be like if you were the one holding my hand, hugging my waist, or telling me I’m the best person ever. Have you ever told anyone that? Can you tell me that? Sometimes I wish you could read my mind. So that you knew how I felt, without me having to say anything. Then I wish I could read your mind so I could see how you feel about me. I can't wait until tomorrow when we have class again. I hope you talk to me, and not your ex, or any of her friends. And then next semester we have PE together. I'm not too happy about it. No girl wants their crush to see them sweaty and gross. But I still am trying to be optimistic. We have a period and lunch together! I wish I had biology with you right now. I love history, because I can catch a glimpse of you every once and again. Same in music. But in 3rd period, you look back. And I just saw there's forty minutes until I see you again. It's so long. And I really don't want to wait. Well…I don't have much left to say. But I wish you could read this. I just want to tell you but I’m too afraid. I guess I'll just have to wait for my happily ever after.

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