Dear...Love...Part Two

January 20, 2010
By , Beverly Hills, CA
Today when we walked into music, you asked to play my violin. You seemed so helpless since you're a cello player. So I had to help you put the shoulder rest on. You're so cute, the way you just wanna fool around and act like a kid. I love that about you. You're so free-spirited and young. And you don't take yourself too seriously. I try to be like that when we joke around. I try to show you that I can take a joke, and that I love to be fun. And after all, I've always wanted my guy to have a silly sense of humor. Not sarcastic, not dry, not immature, but just silly. Can you be that guy for me? I wish I could just explain to you that you my feelings. I wish I could walk into your Biology class right now and tell everyone how I feel. They may laugh. They may swoon. You may blush of embarrassment, or you may tell me that you feel the same way. I don't think you've had a first kiss and neither have I, but I’m 14, and I want one. All of the other cuties that I may crush on don't seem like the guy whom I should share my first kiss with. No, I won't wait for you like I'm infatuated, but I want us to have a first kiss. Maybe yours could even be my last. Every time I see you talking to another girl like that too-skinny and annoying girl who had a gigantic crush on you in fifth grade. Or your ex who is so beautiful that it hurts me. Or even my so-called friend (who really annoys me, by the way). Why do you talk to her in History, but don't look at me? And in that same class, you're always looking towards my side of the room, but not at me, while I'm looking straight at you. Now that I think about it even more, how did I fall for you? In fifth grade you had a horrid haircut, you were more than a foot shorter than you are now, and fat. And still, today, you've got the silliest glasses, and not-so-great skin. But I imagine what you'll look like grown up, and you're a stud. And there are so many perfections about you that I love. You've got a teensy-weensy gap in your teeth, but you don't need braces. You're in shape and are always talking about running or going to the gym. And your wardrobe isn't strange like the other guys at school. You're pants aren't too low or tight. And I've only seen you wear one "label-type" clothing. And that was a Hollister hoodie. You looked so silly in it, that I laugh thinking about it now. You're not one of those guys who can't stand to see a little smudge on their perfectly white shoes. And that's what I love about you. You're creative and smart. And you're answers are always right. But you can be almost like a dumb blonde sometimes. Like when you didn't know a certain rocker that I thought was legendary. But its okay, because it's cute how afterwards, you make a joke about it. Well, I'm all out of words. And my arm is kind of tired. SO I'll stop. But don't you stop talking to me and being the best person ever. And don't think I'll stop hoping that one day or you'll just talk to me, or become my best friend in the entire world.

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teddychanfanatic2 said...
Jan. 25, 2010 at 2:31 pm
Awwww!!! This Reminds of me now!! Lol
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