A Postcard

January 20, 2010
By RichardA BRONZE, St. Charles, Illinois
RichardA BRONZE, St. Charles, Illinois
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A postcard in the mail. That’s where my journey began. Seemingly innocent, I picked up the maroon postcard because it looked interesting. ******* Military Academy? Ha! No way in a million years would I go to a military school. I instinctively tossed it back on the kitchen table and continued back outside to play basketball with my younger brother Vinny.
The next day my parents showed me the website for ******. They said they received information about the school in the mail and thought it would be a first class school. I shrugged off the notion of even considering it. Why would I? I loved living with my family, I had plenty of friends, I encountered academic rigor at my school, I didn’t mind living in St. Charles. I was perfectly happy being home. The more research my parents did, the more they encouraged me to just give it a try. I finally gave into their pestering and agreed to apply just to see if I would get in. The online application had a thin scroll bar, there were essays to write, proofreading, editing, rewriting; let’s just say I wasn’t necessarily enthused. My mom’s persistent nagging eventually forced me to complete the application.
I thought it was all over with until I got a letter in the mail saying that not only had I been accepted, I had also been considered for a full ride scholarship. Great. Many essays, campus visits, and interviews later, I was awarded this scholarship. Out of the 200 students considered, I was one of four selected. I now had a choice. Should I go to a world-renowned boarding school in some microscopic town in Indiana, far away from home, or continue at St. Charles living with the comfort of my family? The repercussions of my choice would be life altering.

And here I sit, writing this college essay from my wooden desk in room 303, Main Barracks, ****** Military Academy. Truthfully, my decision was a superb one. I have trouble imagining what I would have been like had I not gone here. I’ve matured quickly, grown independent, developed self-sufficiency, learned about leadership, responsibility, time management. And ***** made it all possible.

One simple postcard…

The author's comments:
This explains how I got to where I am now.

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