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January 20, 2010
By Caylan93 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Caylan93 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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“Buzz Buzz,” went the obnoxious alarm clock as it woke me up at six o’ clock a.m... I awoke in a frenzy grabbing the first two semi clean pieces of clothing I could find and putting them. I then left my house at ten after six and I knew I was almost late for being early.

As I arrived at St. Mary’s food bank, the community service line wrapped around the building; I was late. I waited for the bank to open at seven o’ clock.

When seven struck, the doors opened and a flood of people rushed in pushing and fighting demanding their community service; I just followed behind astounded. As the flood of people began to shrink, the manager got to me and spoke in a sorrowful voice and said, “sorry that is all we need,” my heart sank as the thought ran across my mind of not being able to do community service, but as I walked away she called me back and said they could use one more.

Community service is something my body feeds on. When I realize I am helping someone it makes me feels great. Just knowing I am helping someone helps me.

When I arrive at my station I am surrounded by convicts, law violators, and students all with the same purpose to help those who need to be helped. We all forget our differences and come together to ensure people are helped.

I volunteered at St. Mary’s food bank everyday for two weeks. On the last Thursday afternoon, an elderly woman came through the door with a child clutching onto each le and told me something that I would never forget.

As I was making her surplus box, her children were pointing at different items they wanted and I could not help but to put everything they asked for in the box. As I finished the box, the elderly woman stood there disappointed with the box.

When I put her box in her cart she whispered in a soft voice,” is there a way you can help me out with another box,” I quickly nodded and grabbed two additional generous boxes and placed them in her cart. Then she said to me,” Men like make this world a better place.” This made me feel like a phenomenal man.

Ever since that Thursday, community service has been like hobby to me instead of a job and I have the elderly woman to thank foot it.

The author's comments:
What I hope for people to get out of this is community service should not be something you have to do, it should be something you want to do.

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