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January 20, 2010
By Tito100 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Tito100 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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I never thought at first that I would learn something from volunteering. I just volunteered because I needed community service hours for my history class. I needed two hours and this event would cover five hours if I volunteered, so it was perfect.

When I signed up for Andre House, an organization that serves and provides the homeless healthy food to munch on, I never expected to learn from this experience. I expected to volunteer and obtain the hours I needed.

When I arrived, I met some other volunteers that were helping and then I received instructions for some tasks to do. First, I was given the task to cut the vegetables and fruits into medium, sized squares. This included mouthwatering apples, bananas, oranges, tomatoes, carrots and broccoli. This took me about two hours with the help of the other volunteers.

After I was done cutting the fruits and vegetables, I was assigned the task to wash food trays after the homeless were done eating. I learned how to wash the food trays the proper way by a guy named Peter. Peter explained to me that it was going to be a busy day today. I asked, “Why”? He answered, “Today is Burrito Day.” Peter also told me that many of the homeless seem to come more often when they serve burritos.

When the first homeless person finished, he approached me and handed me his food tray. The guy said, “Thank you for being here I appreciate what you are doing for us.”

As time passed, more homeless one by one handed me their food trays and thanked me. Then a beautiful, unique woman who was wearing a blue, torn-up jeans and a red t-shirt amazed me. She taught me a lesson about being thankful for what I have. His exact words were, “Thank you for this food. I am grateful to have this wonderful meal.” I will never forget those twelve words that reminded me of the reality of what was happening around the world.

Here this woman who does not always have these kinds of opportunities to eat some decent meals was happy that she had a chance to eat well that day. While at home, I always complained to my mom that she needed to make some new and different kinds of food because I was sick and tired of the same food, even though she made a many different kinds of food.

This hit me hard and taught me that I should enjoy what I have and not complain about what I do not have.

After all the homeless were done eating and I was done cleaning the food trays, all the volunteers who volunteered and I received the task of cleaning up around the shelter. I was in charge of mopping the floor and throwing the trash. Then after it was over I headed home.

When I arrived at home, I dashed inside the house at the speed of light and begin to search for my mom. When I found her, she looked exhausted and busy preparing today’s dinner. My first words out were, “Sorry mom.” I explained to her that I should be satisfied with whatever she makes. I also told her that I learned something valuable from volunteering at Andre House.

“I will never forget this day,” I told myself a million times. I also told myself that I should attempt to volunteer more often.

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