A Walk

January 20, 2010
By Wearei BRONZE, Riverside, California
Wearei BRONZE, Riverside, California
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Last night at sunset I took a walk as the sky was growing dim. I left my home alone and walked down the path provided for me. As I walked in silence by my lonesome I saw many things. I saw great acts of courage that would make people proud to have only seen them. I saw armies rage against great tides only to fall from the treachery of one. I saw sights that would make even the strongest weep and monsters that stalk the darkest shadows. Still I walked along my path even as it turned from stone to gravel to water, sand, sky, fire, and grass. I watched in silence the many horrors as they happened before my eyes but then it changed. The bloodshed left me, the sorrow, the terror. In its place was beauty. Great cities of peace and forests of such tranquility that a man could think he had come to find himself in heaven. No war had ever tainted these places and as a passed by I could almost feel the joy. The people were kind and happy there entire lives barren of strife. I walk through this and felt a pain aching from within. This place hurt me in a way I can describe in mere worlds. You see peace for me in not this place and here I could not stay. And so I left and prayed to God my end would not bring me here.

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Not very good but I will revise later

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