Dear Heart

January 4, 2010
By becca szyja BRONZE, Milford, Connecticut
becca szyja BRONZE, Milford, Connecticut
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Dear Heart,
i have fallen in love all over again and this time you don't have to be scared. this man wont break you. he will keep you safe and warm hearted. don't worry about opening up to him he wont judge you. those trust issues you once had will dissapear. he will never be unfaithful to you. you wont feel any pain. just the ache when you miss him too much.
he is the guy for you. keep him in your life and don't push him away. you have found love. you have found your soulmate. he might not be able to be with you in person right now but the wait to see him is worth it. just talking to him makes you feel like he isnt far away.
three months away and you get to be with the guy you fell in love with. he will make you feel safe, secure, and loved. he will make you the happiest person in the world.

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