Can You Rembember?

January 10, 2010
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It was the day when God showed me it wasn’t time for me to join him. It’s the day in 7th grade, after school in the gym. I was chatting with my “Bros” during a volleyball game at Goodson. My “Bros” were my best friends, which happened to be the most popular group in school. I walked around with them in school and, I can’t lie it felt pretty good knowing that you’re the top dog in your grade. You’re with the biggest, strongest, coolest, most athletic, and of course the guys that get the girls. I mean, what guy doesn’t want that? However a human wants friends that care for you and truly protect you.
My friends and I decided that the volleyball game was way too boring. So one of my friends sister said,” Hey guys, my mom and I are going up to the beautiful and brand new, Berry Center to watch the Cy Woods football game! So we got to the stadium and started to watch the game. Of course, the game got boring for us, and all of us (being football players), so my pals got another group of teens to play us in a back yard football game. The groups were walking down to the long and skinny piece of grass in front of the stadium to play football on. The security guard told us, “ Hey kids what are you doing!” and we replied “We are just going to play football right here on this grass!” She said, “Ok, but no matter what I can’t let you back in, you have to wait for your parents out here!” we just said “Ok that’s fine.” (The rest of the story is in the view of my family and “Friends”, but its going to be in my words and view since I cant remember anything until later on that night, till this day!) The football game went on and we played for like thirty minutes but then, “BOW”! I got tackled from the side and hit my head on the ground. All the kids just told me to get off the field and take a break. So I crawled over to sidewalk and pasted out. When I was unconscious, but the players kept playing their game and they looked at me once and while. But not ever did anybody come up to me and check on me! I felt knew that I felt unloved and unprotected and only the man above was protecting me. Everybody thought I was just lying down. They say they looked at me, then did one quick play and looked back and I was nowhere to be seen. I got into the stadium some how, and started calling my mom and asking where she was and my mom would say, “ 50 yard line, and top row.” Then I would call her again and keep on asking he the same thing. I called my mom fifteen times in a row asking the same exact thing. When my mom realized something was wrong, she went to go look for me she found me walking back and forth in a distance of 10 yards and she grabbed me and said, “Matt, What’s wrong!” I would say nothing because I didn’t know what to say! She took me down to the parking lot and got the car I was so lost and confused I didn’t know whose car it was, even when it was mine. I got a new phone the day before and I dint know who’s phone this was so I threw it down the street. My mom put me in the passenger side of the car with my brother behind me, which I didn’t know who he was either. As my mom was rushing me to the hospital I kept on trying to jump out the car, just because of my brain was so messed up. I remember exactly the most emotionally event in my life. I went to get a CAT scan, as my brother, my mom, and I were sitting outside the scary testing room, thinking to myself “This is not going to be good”. The doctor came up to us, with a puzzled look and said that I had a major fracture to my head. My mom told him the story and he shook his head and said, “ If he were unconscious for a few more minutes he would have died, his heart would simply quit!” I can’t explain my emotions it just felt like the world stopped. My mom kept strong but she was so hurt! It makes me cry when I think about it was the most unexplainable event ever. There were so many things going threw my head, but the only thing I said was “ THANK YOU SO MUCH GOD, I LOVE YOU!” The next week I just thought that he protected me and helped me, when my horrible, untrustworthy, and stupid friends didn’t! He told my mom to go to the game because who knows what have happened if she wasn’t there. I was a miracle; he woke me up from my dead sleep and got me into the stadium when I was told I couldn’t get back in. When I went back to school my friends said sorry but I didn’t forgive them. Because they left me there, when they were my friends to help me but they didn’t. Later in the week they were auguring with each other over who made me get a concussion like some kind of bragging right. I learned, choose your friends because you love them of who they are. If not you will end up like me with bad friends, when you need them the most. It doesn’t matter what other people think about your friends, its what you think.

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