January 13, 2010
By Anonymous

I am very close to my family, but especially to my grandmother. When I was little she would always be with me while my parents were at work. I remember one time when I was done with my therapy session I called both of my parents to pick me up. They could not pick me up but five minutes later my grandmother showed up. I was very thankful for her picking me up because I would have had to stay another two hours before my mom came. Before she took me home, she took me to get an ice cream because, my therapists said I had a good session. She has always been there for me to support me and encourage me. When I was about five years old, my mom told me my grandmother had cancer. I was trying to figure out why she had cancer, why her? It was very difficult not to have her at my house anymore. One day my mom took me to visit her in the hospital. I asked my mom, ā€œ Do we really have to go because she may not even know we are there?ā€ My mom said, ā€œ Yes, we need to go because, it would mean a lot to her. Iā€™m glad I visited but I did not like seeing her sick with tubes in her. The moral is to make the most of time with family and friends when they are healthy because, in one day everything can change. My grandmother ended up surviving breast cancer, but I can still remember how close we were t

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