Loyalty of the Stars

January 12, 2010
By SereneCullen BRONZE, Riverside, California
SereneCullen BRONZE, Riverside, California
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I ran up the door and closed the stairs ,i said my pajamas and put on my prayers, i turned off my bed and hopped into the light, all because you kissed me goodnight.

The wood creaked under their weight. She and I watched them swing on the old wooden swing set. She and I sat opposite of them on a wooden platform, the wooden stairs aside us, the cold metal slide behind us and the freezing steel pole before us. Laughter filled the small play area as we talked of the latest Twilight: New Moon gossip. We drooled over Taylor Lautner’s new body, which was very nice.
As night began to set in she and I slid down the freezing pole and they jumped off the swings. We all exited the small play area, they in front of She and me. As we all walked toward the trailer we walked past the pool which would make a cool skateboard area since there was no water. On the other side was a swamp, chirps of the crickets and croaks of the frogs came from it.
We reached the trailer and all began to settle in for a movie. We were all dethawing from the numbing cold of outside. My phone rang “Misery Business.” It was my mom. I didn’t realize yet how appropriate the ringtone was. I answered and was reminded that one year ago tomorrow my grandfather had passed. The tears leaked quickly and I escaped the trailer. I ran to where the grass and road met near the campsite bathroom. I cried silently. I looked up to the stars, they were constant, never changing, and that’s what She is for me. My loyal star. She stayed by me, constant, unwavering, distant.
When Sarah and I had first met I never dreamed She and I would be such good friends. Then She introduced me to them and soon Catherine and Tara were a staple too. I never dreamed they’d see me like this though.
She stood behind me and gave me my space to fall into the sadness and mourning for him. She stood there as a beacon waiting for me to no longer need the distance, so She could shine and lead me to a happier time, a happier place. She is my loyal star.

The author's comments:
Everyone needs someone to help them through the hard times.

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