The Game

January 12, 2010
By Anonymous

Finally my moment when everything else seems like nothing when it is my time to show what I can do. It was the hours before my Championship lacrosse game and I was nervous and exited at the same time. I can’t describe how I felt there was a lot running though my head plays what the couches thought me. Everything was on my mind. We were at Carlston High School because that where our game was to be played and we played St. Johns a very good team who we played in the regular season but we had a crushing loss only by one point. As I was thinking about the game my coach ran over and said, “Ivan are you ready for this, this is a big responsibility and you need to lead this team or else we will loss again?” As I sat there thinking about leading the team because I was the captain and the leading scorer on the team I needed a big game for us to win, all I could say was,

“ Coach I ready”. In my head I knew the presser of the game to come and the stress that will be placed on me but I knew I was ready to play my hardest. As the game was about to start there were butterflies in my stomach and I got nervous but I need to look confident in front of my teammates not to show the slightest sign of weakness. So our game began and it was a shaky start and in the first half
St. Johns was beating us four to one and I was the only one with a point and this game did not look good. So at half time my coach was yelling at us about running the offence and taking this game over, but all I could think about was the last time we lost to them and I remember the last time our two teams clashed and the disappointment of last time and the anger and I thought to my self I cant have that again I don’t think I could keep it together if we lost. So at the end of the half time we did our chant to get pumped up and this time it worked and I was ready to start to new half. We started off well with a stop on defense and a good goal. As the game went on I was almost to death I was working so hard and we were tied at the fourth Five to five and I was in a lot of pain with a separated shoulder but I played though it, well mostly because it was my championship game and because I didn’t know it was separated but our team was messing up every where in the fourth quarter getting penalties and in lacrosse if you have a penalty you lose a player for a minute of the game and the opposing team has what lacrosse players call it man up and that is a very bad thing. As a team we were keeping up with them and they were only one point ahead of us but toward the end we kept getting penalties and they were scored two more points to be ahead by three which just killed me inside and I just went off I mean I lost it I was hit in people I was yelling at everyone until that final buzzer rang and the other team ran onto the field and it crushed me inside and one of my team mates tried to comfort me but it did not work and when the announcer said, “And our 2009 lacrosse champs are St. Johns!” I couldn’t even look at my self that game was put on my shoulders I thought and I blow it for the whole team. As I was sitting on the field just in shock my coach ran up to me and said to me, “Hey im sorry“

I quickly replied, “I sorry, sorry for what” then he paused and replied, ”Im sorry for putting so much pressure on you, but with that said you need to get up and still be a leader this is your team yall win together and lose together as a team. So you need to get up and shake the other teams hands and stop acting like a fool because you played your heart out and that’s all I could ask for.” So I did just that and I left with my head held high and I learned even through something so disappointing that it is almost unbearable as a leader you need to stand up and keep leading even through the hard times. So I don’t get my happy ending all I can do now is work harder, longer and with more intensity to make me and my teammates all the better so when I get back in a championship game I will be ready and next time I will win.

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