Don't Hate Your Parents

January 12, 2010
By , Visalia, CA
I used to think that my parents' divorce was the thing that made my life worse than it needed to be. I realized that was not true. My dad used to do drugs and drink. My dad also has anger issues. So those mixed together aren't the best thing for someone to see. My dad used to abuse my mom. That's one of the main reasons that they got divorced. My dad also used to spend all his money on this crap, so we didn't have enough money to get me diapers.

I remember seeing my mom going through pain. I was only 5 at the time, so I thought I really couldn't do anything about it. It was horrible, seeing my mom get her hair yanked, and what not.
Its not a thing anyone wants to go through it just happens. I used to hate my dad for it.

I realized my dad has done some pretty bad things, but you can't hold a grudge forever, especially with someone that is supposed to support and raise you. I forgave my dad, not to long after it happened. I saw what he was like without the things that made him upset, or drunk, however you wanna put it. My dad is a really good person, despite the mistakes he made. He and I have a great relationship.

I also have a great relationship with my mom, of course. I love her dearly and cry at the thought of losing her. I don't understand how people can go and call their mom horrible names. Your mom is here to support and raise you... unless she isn't there. I mean, well if she isn't she brought you into this world. Planned or unplanned, you should be happy you're alive. Parents are really important in your life, so try to bond with them, you won't regret it.

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