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January 12, 2010
By Gavin579 SILVER, Houston, Texas
Gavin579 SILVER, Houston, Texas
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I spent 8th grade spring break in the absolutely beautiful Steam Boat Springs, Colorado. On this exciting trip it included my father, his girlfriend, her two kids, and my stepbrother, Cameron. While we were waiting in the airport to get onto the plane I trembled with exhilaration all through out my body. All during the flight my lungs and insides felt heavy. Cameron and I already planned out our whole agenda for the week. When we landed I felt like my heart started to skip beats. We were both scared about snowboarding, because we were mainly new at it and we didn’t want to look bad or fail in front of everyone.

The next day we were strapped into our snowboards standing at the top of the steep marshmallow mountain. Our legs shook in petrified excitement. Our trainer taught us all our techniques and skills earlier in the day, but we have never gone down a mountain by our self on a snowboard. The snow burned as it laid on my face, because of my face dives into the snow earlier on in the day.

“Are you ready, bro?” asked Cameron. “Yea, dude. Lets go!” We jumped onto the slanted mountain and rushed through the snow. We cut and glided through the wind and snow. The wind rushed passed our face as we stormed down the mountain. Every sharp turn the ice and snow would shoot up into the air like one of those water shooter from out of the ground. During all the turns I made I was scared to fall and roll down the hard ice, because it stung and burned everywhere.. Every time I fell I could feel a sharp pain all around my body. Earlier on in the day I fell really hard on the ice and rolled down the mountain for about fifteen feet. My body was sore all over from the earlier attempts of trying to snowboard. We zoomed down the mountain and when we finally reached the flat surface at the end of our track we were relieved. The smiles on our faces were unforgettable.

I guess I’m trying to say is that if you want to try something new than chase after it. Don’t be scared to look bad in front of everyone, chase your dream and never give up on it. Don’t let the society or your surroundings keep you from chasing your goals, go for it.

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