The Lord’s Lost Lamb

January 11, 2010
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Religion. Faith. God. Jesus. Eternal life. This is what I believe in, and it makes me who I am today. Without my parents, I probably would not be a good student, and I probably would not believe in God and Jesus. My parents worked for a Presbyterian church, so I was raised at the church, and it is like my second home. I also went to my church's school since I was nine months old. I know almost everyone at the school and the church, and I have been everywhere except the sanctuary roof and the steeple. I know the church like the back of my hand, so it is like a second home for me. As life goes on, I get closer and closer to God, and I would be lost and alone without Him.

My parents are strong Christians, so they decided they would help my faith grow and make it as strong as possible. They sent me to a private Christian school, and we went to the Presbyterian Church. My parents taught Sunday school, and my mom still does today. They taught me as soon as I could understand basic things about Christianity. We went to church every Sunday, except for one or two times a year, because we were visiting my grandparents. I am also in Bible studies at my church, I am in my church’s youth group, and I am a member of the church. My parents wanted to give me a huge head start so that when others were struggling with their faith, I would not be struggling with mine. But that does not mean I did not struggle with my faith, because I did.

My family went to church a lot, so like the average teenager that goes to church, I became bored with it, and I did not see the point of going. I started to hate church, I stopped looking forward to Sundays, and I grew farther and farther away from God. I stopped going to Bible studies and youth group. I would not pay attention in church, and I stopped praying to God. It was as if I had blocked God out of my life. It was as if I was sinking down into a never-ending abyss, and I slowly drifted away from God. I was all alone in the dark, deep waters where no one could find me, and I felt God could not even get me out of them.

Then eighth grade came around, and in eighth grade, you take confirmation class and become a member of the church. I went, against my will, and once again it seemed like a waste of my time. I mean look, they are teaching us the exact same things we learn every year. What’s the point? As I was half paying attention, something caught my ear. The speaker said, “What if you weren’t born into a Christian family? What if you never knew God or never knew Jesus had died on the cross to save you from your sins? You wouldn’t have eternal life would you?” I thought to myself, what if, what if.

Hmmmm lets see, well… I was trying to think, but it was too hard with the lesson going on, so I just tucked the question away in the back of my head. Later when I got home, I lay in my bed thinking, what if? I thought, well, I would not have the same family. I would not have the gift of eternal life, or go to a private school. My parents are strict, and want me to be a good example of a Christian. But, if I were in one of those families that do not care about their children, then I would be a troublemaker and would not care about my grades. I also would not know what it is like to be loved. I would never know God was there for me. And that changed me so much, especially because I feel like God spoke to me through our confirmation speaker. God spoke through him and said to me, “Joshua, you do not understand how much I have given you and how much I am a part of you.” That was when I realized that I needed God more than ever and that, no matter what, I was His.

It is hard to imagine what life would be like when you change something so important. I am glad I realize that now and understand how important my faith is to me. I thank God so much for showing me this early on, because if I had been away too long, I might have never gone back to Him. I forgot that God is my shepherd, and I am one of His many sheep. No matter how many times I get lost, stray away, run away, or shut him out, He will always go out after me. Then He will carry me home on His shoulders. The devil can try as much as he wants, but I am forever God’s, and there is nothing the devil can do about it. I thank my parents for sending me to confirmation, because it helped me realize how important my faith is to my life. Because I once was lost, but now I’m found. I was blind, but now I see. Religion. Faith. God. Jesus. Eternal life. These are stronger to me and in me than ever before.

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