Baseball, More Than a Game

January 6, 2010
By JAWeiss BRONZE, N. Miami, Florida
JAWeiss BRONZE, N. Miami, Florida
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I believe baseball is not only the toughest game in the world, but is way more than a game. Complex, exciting, challenging, nerve-racking, complicated. Those are just a few words describing the game. Also, a word I believe best describes baseball for me is relationship. This is because you can build relationships with friends, family and even the game of baseball. I had my first encounter with the game when I was four. I joined the local North Miami Beach (NMB) optimist tee ball league. I ended up playing in that league until I was eleven or twelve. I met a lot of people there and to this day, most of them are good friends or family friends of mine.

I remember going to my first Marlins game with my dad. I was four years old. It was the 1997 World Series in which the Florida Marlins ended up winning. That was the first time I came across the game at the major league level and ever since that day, I’ve told myself, I will be there someday.

I believe the game of baseball is more than practice. To succeed at it, you have to be born with the God given talent. This game does not come easy and to some, it does not come at all. One of the first things a coach told me was, “The only change in this game from different levels is the speed of the game.” At first I did not know what that meant, but now when I look back on those days, I know exactly what he was talking about. At a young age the game is very slow, but you still need to know how to field that ground ball on your backhand side or that fastball you cannot catch up to while batting. As you grow up, you get bigger and stronger. The game of baseball does the same. You still need to know how to field that grounder or hit that fastball; the only difference is that the ball is moving at a faster speed and so are the players.

One of my favorite and most vivid memories of playing baseball while bonding with my dad was from the ages of about seven through thirteen. Everyday after my dad would come home from work, I would be waiting for him in the driveway with two gloves. After he said his hellos to my mom and sister, he would come outside and until my mom called us in for dinner, we would throw the baseball around. I still do it with him once in a while, but not everyday like when I was younger.

This is why I believe baseball is more than a game. Everything about baseball excites me. From that 12/6 curveball to that player colliding at home plate with the catcher. I love the challenge given to you from that team you cannot beat. I love those game winning homeruns. I adore the complexity of the game. I believe the most exciting time of the year is mid-October. That is when the World Series is and to me nothing is more exciting than game seven with your team about to win.

I believe that is the game of baseball, and this is why I believe baseball will be with me forever.

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