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January 15, 2010
By Little_Singer SILVER, Wild Rose, Wisconsin
Little_Singer SILVER, Wild Rose, Wisconsin
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"If" by Rudyard Kipling

Today My grandfather died. I will always remember him. Very healthy until the very end. He was the most amazing old man you could ever meet. Every year until the day he died he went on a cruise Alaska, every Christmas he set the table and cleaned the sink, and two thousand piece puzzles. On my birthdays he would give me a savings bond, (I now have enough savings bonds to buy a car!). I will remember the little things too like perfectly spread butter on perfectly toasted toast, perfectly combed white hair, the smell of shaving cream and breakfast, and so much more. I loved this old man so dearly that when I heard he died I was in shock. How could he just go like this?! I didn't cry the night My mother told me. Then the next morning at seven o'clock in show choir I started to feel the pain and loss. I ran out of the choir room to the bathroom and started bawling my eyes out... I missed the rest of the practice. Mr. Casey my study hall teacher gave me a Mountain Dew and a cookie for free because of the loss. Even some of the seniors who barely knew me gave me hugs and their condolence. My sister felt the blow worst of all. She and my Grandpa Tony made puzzles together, they drew pictures together, they ate together, even sang in terrible voices together. They were two peas in a pod. The loss was awful to her though we had been expecting it, she was the most upset. She still is. I hope that in the future she can help me finish the unfinished puzzle... his greatest work of all... the work he left behind.

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