How I Broke My First Bone

January 17, 2010
By cammy.lotz BRONZE, Oak Park, Illinois
cammy.lotz BRONZE, Oak Park, Illinois
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As a kid I never wanted to get hurt, or dirty. When I was twelve, I used to love skating. I even had those shoes with the wheel in the heel. Every Friday night me and my friends would go to this roller skating rink called Astro Skate. It was Kiddie skate until nine o’clock, and then it was sixth grade to ninth grade skate. One Friday night my friends and I decided to go early.
We were all skating to the music. I'm skating just listening to the music, and I feel a pulling on my dress. It was a little kid, he was about to fall so he grabbed my dress to hold himself up. But because he grabbed my dress I lost balance and fell flat on my butt. As I fell I saw my dress fly up and expose my underwear to what seemed to be the whole world.
I felt a huge jolt of pain shoot up my back, I screamed because it hurt so badly. I tried to get up but I couldn’t move I was in too much pain. My friend came over to see if I was okay and to tell me that a cute boy wanted to talk to me, but she was also breaking the news that now that I had fallen and made a fool of myself he no longer did. She told one of the Astro Skate employee’s that I was hurt and needed help. Let me remind you that I fell on the skate rink. As I'm sitting here in pain unable to get up people are skating around me, like I was a safety cone on a highway.
An Astro Skate employee came over and helped me to the office where they called my mom, and an ambulance, because I had broken my tail bone. It had to be the most embarrassing day of my life, not only because the whole world saw my underwear but also that I broke my butt bone. I think the worst part besides the pain, was that I walked like a penguin the week after. Can you imagine how embarrassing it was for a twelve year old girl to break her first bone in front of everyone she knows, her underwear modeled to everyone in the room, and an ambulance picks her up.
Kids were talking about it for weeks. Mostly because I was not at school for 2 weeks, god knows what rumors were being spread, “She died of embarrassment.” When I came back to school I had everyone asking me “What happened?” “ Did you have surgery?” it was pretty annoying and from that point I decided to never go skating again, or do any other kind of activity where you can get hurt, just so I don’t run into another embarrassing moment like this ever again.

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its pretty embaressing

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