I've Been Given Life. How Do I Earn It?

January 17, 2010
By ObamaClone BRONZE, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
ObamaClone BRONZE, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
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Finding a job with the current state of the economy has proven to be nearly impossible. I must have sent out thirty-some applications only to receive ONE call for a seasonal position from a company that let me go just short of two weeks after being hired. Even companies that claim to be actively hiring tell me just the opposite. I did manage to land an interview with Abercrombie & Fitch, only to “be called within a week”; it’s been three weeks now. I’ve written and self-published two titles, Simply Pleasant and Surviving High School: A Guide for Introverts through a self-publishing website by the name of CreateSpace.com. I managed to rack up an overwhelming sum of sixteen-dollars when the minimum requirement to receive compensation is twenty. The advice of family and peers was to write, edit and self-publish a third title. Yeah, I’ll jump right on that.

College is another frustrating factor. I recently took my ACT exam; I received a composite score of seventeen. My top college choice favors a score of twenty-three. I also fell short of the G.P.A and class rank standards. Everyone is drilling the whole college is congruent with good job philosophy into the heads of thousands of students, including me; this is why I’m surprised when college graduates struggle to find work and end up returning to classes. So then, if it’s pushing it to hold down a cashier job, then what other choice is there? The increasingly steep financial and personal investment that college is beginning to require is also turning many students to alternative paths, such as the army.

I’ve been told repeatedly that I can write well. I’m not arguing that point, it’s just that I happen to be skilled in one of the hardest trades to thrive within. I’ve e-mailed radio stations, newspapers and just about any other media outlet in the attempt of getting my foot in the door. It’s been discouraging to say the least. I’m sure thousands of individuals are experiencing this frustration almost verbatim.

The author's comments:
I'm sure thousands of students across the globe are exeperiencing the exact same frustration. It helps to hear it sometimes.

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