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January 8, 2010
By Anonymous

Life is believed to be the most exciting ride ever!!....apparently a few can prove this!!
i was quite in for a surprise when i pulled my nose out of my 'famous five'.the fresh breeze that swayed across my face made me realize that i was the only one left in school. all my friends had left and my father had yet not come to pick me. glancing at my watch,i decided to take a stroll around my school. i climbed up 2 flights of stairs planning to stare at my"crush's" seat...but unfortunate me!!...to my disappointment all classes seemed to retire for the day by locking themselves up!! not knowing what to do further, i trodded along the balcony in utter despair. suddenly i heard kids playing behind my school's assembly hall.considering the fact that i knew them quite well, i opted to crawl into a small passage which was an alternative entrance(more for the stray cats!)into the assembly hall and meet them. i was sure that getting in through this "cat passage" would be as easy as eating melted cheese! little did i know that i was in for a LOT of trouble!!

As i bent down,i first peeped through the opening."cool",i thought. first,i put my head through, next went my chest followed by my waist. everything went on smoothly until i realized that i couldn't move any further!!...i tried to push my body out,but this did not work either!Thats it! filled with anxiety, i continuously tried to push myself in and out,in and out, but all in vain!

Had i become so fat??how could it be,because i was complimented just the previous day about my slim figure by my friends."no way!!" i thought. it struck me that my father might have come to pick me up by then. what if he did not find me?...what if he left?..what if even the police could not find me?...would i die there out of hunger and thirst?...with all these questions arising in my mind, i suddenly felt a nudge...as if some one was pulling my right sock!"rats...no!not a rat-death!",i thought and started crying,almost in the verge of fainting.i felt more nudging,iwas being pulled out,and at last I was out!! but rides always have surprises, don't they?surprise of this ride...the very reason for me being stuck half in and half out was because my principal had grasped my sock tightly, even before i could enter the hall! Well...i found myself facing the cold eyes of my principal. speechless with fear and embarrasment, tears rolled down my cheeks. i was dragged down to the principal's room.

my father who had heard the principal's complaints,assured her that such a behaviour would not be repeated. He drove his 'relieved yet scared' daughter to a fancy 3-star restaurant, treated her and said "well done kid!! just remember..I never repeated my shows twice..next time be sure to come up with better plans having a bigger audience!"
it seemed as if fear had taken me to another land...the land of screams and weird imaginations, but my dad's words shook me back to the real world. i suppose my father had seen my confused face (i was, rather...'cause i did not know whether he was being sarcastic!) because he chuckled, which was followed by a mysterious smile.


The author's comments:
its just a light-hearted story based on a personal experience...no morals in it!! just a happy read!!

hope you will enjoy reading it!!:)

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