My Halloween

January 15, 2010
By lillp BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
lillp BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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This Halloween started off wonderful; my sister Teena and I went to a party. After the party I went home because my cousins were coming over. They had brought Chipotle because there was a special for Halloween, and if you bring in a piece of foil you get a free burrito. My cousin and I were having fun. We played spades, and watched Paranormal Activity and Pelham 123. It was great, we even played Wii.

We played American Idol, it was fantastic. Everything was going great until I got a phone call while everyone was watching a movie. I got the call from my cousin Ciara. She said that my mom’s boyfriend was at club Posh over off of Monoco and Evans. She said he was shot 9 times and two other people were shot also.

“K” is what we called him but his name was John. I asked her if he was dead. She said she didn’t know but she would call me back later. I ran to my mom’s room to tell her. She was sad but not that sad because they had just met.

I went to my room and went to sleep, so I could wake up and see that it was all a dream. When I woke up it was all the same as it was before I went to sleep. My mom came in to my room after she got off the phone with Ciara.

My mom told me that they said K was shot 7 times, he was at University Hospital, and was going to be a vegetable. Right then and there my heart dropped. Later on that day when I walked into my mom’s room I saw her crying on her bed, I closed the door and went to watch TV in my room.

The next day my mom got a phone call from a number we did not know she answered the phone. On the phone was K’s mom crying saying that John was dead and she would call us and let us know when the funeral was going to be and hung up the phone. She was on speaker so every one in the room started to cry for ten minutes. The next two days we did not get a phone call from K’s mom but we got a phone call on the third day from my cousin Ciara. She said K’s mom did not have a funeral, that she had him cremated.

She also said that she would bring us an obituary and that he was not shot seven times he was shot one time in the head. She said she would call us back and hung up the phone. This is what happened for my Halloween.

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This article is about something that happened in my life.

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