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Freshman Fears to Senior Smarts

January 15, 2010
By Samantha Collins BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
Samantha Collins BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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Walking threw the doors, to see the lady at the desk. Unfortunately it was my very first time ever being in the building. I wasn’t one of the lucky kids who got their schedule 3 weeks in advance and knew exactly where there classes were. I was all alone. The lady at the front desk watches hundreds of students walk through the doors every morning. I figured all schools had the lady sitting at the front desk watching all the kids walk into school for another day of learning.
Walking down the long halls I began to feel lost. It felt like I was a character in a TV show where they are in a long hall way and no one is around and the hall way begins to grow really long. Yeah, that was me the lonely girl walking down the halls looking at all the unfamiliar faces. “Can you walk any slower? Yet another year with new freshmen. GREEAAAT!” shouted the tall looking boy. I think he was a senior by the tone of his voice. I knew he wasn’t a freshman like I was. First couple of classes were a breeze to find.
It wasn’t until seventh period was about to begin when I thought I wasn’t going to make it threw high school. Preschool, the one area of Hersey where it’s in the middle of nowhere. Numbers out side of the doors go up and then back down. I was lost. Frightened not knowing anyone around me being surrounded by tall, unfamiliar, mean looking seniors. DING! The final bell rang. I was officially late, and still standing in the middle of the hallway trying to find room 142. “Your late, get to class.” This random teacher said. “Um, Uh, I think I’m lost!” He pointed me in the right direction to room 142. Five minutes late isn’t that big of deal right?
Looking back at my experience at Hersey just makes me laugh. Now a senior I look back at what happened and I think to myself how could I have gotten lost. Now knowing the school like the back of my hand, I’m the one helping the new incoming freshmen find there way around. From not knowing a single person to knowing just about every single person in the school.
Walking threw the doors, to see Nancy sitting at the front desk. Watching hundreds of kids walk threw the doors, telling them to take their hoods off. That lady isn’t so scary to me anymore. Knowing who she is and always getting a friendly “Hello” as I walk through the doors. She isn’t so scary anymore like I thought she was when I took my first steps into the germ-infested building.

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