Her Life Was Changed

January 15, 2010
Last night at youth group, my friend became a Christian. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. She has been my friend for about a year now, or at least I have known her for a year. She was very nice, and it was fun to be around her, but I always had that nagging voice in the back of my mind saying don’t get too close. She isn’t good for you. She was in bible club at school. She said she wanted to keep her options open. She even came to youth group sometimes. But it seemed no matter what we did, she still held back. Then, one of her friends died, and the first thing his family said was “I can’t wait to see him in heaven someday”. She told me that that really scared her because if Christianity was true, then when she died, she would go to hell and all of her other friends would go to this eternal party in heaven. She went to my youth group again, but this time I could tell something was definitely different. It almost seemed she had some sort of a glow about her. Then later, I saw her talking to our youth director. She was holding hands with him and they were praying. I leaned over to my friend and I told him to look too. He agreed that she seemed different, and that she definitely had the Holy Spirit living in her. Later that night, she told the whole youth group, and we all gave her a group hug and we cried and praised God. It really made me realize how incredibly awesome my God is….he is going to let me spend eternity with my best friend.

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