My Muse

January 15, 2010
By , Mililani, HI
It takes over the sky in slow motion, creeping slowly along it, mocking us

It doesn’t take long before it’s menacing dark grey gates release it onto Earth below

Blue and gold convert into gray and black in a matter of minutes, snatching joy from us and placing despair into our hands

I find this “despair” to be my joy for others do not see it as peaceful and refreshing; but
seeing it as a misfortune

Grey instantly becomes an inspirational color in my world

Others see it as dampening their ‘oh so brilliant’ day, but little do they realize that it is recharging life everywhere it touches

My troubles melt away with every drop that lands on my skin revealing a new and rejuvenated me

The feel of the sacred water on my hands, my face, my hair brings all chaotic thoughts to rest letting me enjoy it’s presence

The sound of it calms me while I lay back to enjoy it’s melody; it’s lullaby putting me to sleep
Waiting calmly for me to awaken to a new hymn

All of my senses intertwine with this endowment from Mother Nature herself, bringing me peace of mind and self-preservation

Anything and everything cannot be in balance without it; and I certainly cannot be in balance without it…For the rain is my muse

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