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Life Through My Eyes

January 14, 2010
By DeannaK BRONZE, Jefferson, Maryland
DeannaK BRONZE, Jefferson, Maryland
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I’m 13 years old, and ever since I was in 1st grade I knew I had a non-correctable vision problem. This problem causes my eyes to let in too much light which makes it hard for me to read and write. It causes me to see words smaller than they are. And both of my eyes have a hard time focusing on the same place at the same time. My eyes bother me so much! Being blinded every time I look at a paper! Nobody understands how hard it is for me to read! Some people wonder why I don’t read a lot but it’s because every time I start to read I get a headache, my eyes get so tired, I can’t even concentrate! But I have read books before, I just have to get into them, otherwise it is so hard to read. My glasses do help by having purple lenses to cut down on the light and lenses that magnify the print, but even then I get a headache when I read! Even though I don’t fully understand what people with dyslexia go through, I can sympathize with them because I know what it’s like to read something 5 times and still not understand it, and how much you want to scream to the world how unfair life is! And wanting to rip up all your papers and give up for the rest of your life even though you are brilliant and most people don’t see that. Even you might not see it, but it’s true and you want to tell the world but you can’t because of the unfairness! I now realize that I am so lucky that I have parents that care enough to help me through this and I feel so bad for all the kids that suffer like I do but they never get any help because no one ever helps them. They never realize what they’re capable of and they’re labeled as “stupid” even though they could be the next Albert Einstein. All of this because no one ever found out that they have a vision problem or a learning disability or anything. And just because they learn differently they‘ll never get a chance to be brilliant. I was lucky because at first people thought that I had to be in the low reading groups just because I read slowly, but then my parents found out that I couldn’t see the words in the book correctly. That doesn’t mean that I can’t read high level books. I just need bigger print, special glasses, and extra time. Now I’m in top honors classes and getting honor roll every semester because I never let anyone say, “You can’t do this because of your eyes.” I proved them all wrong. I can do anything, and nothing’s going to stop me from be the most outstanding person that I can be! I just wish that other people could be as lucky as me and get a chance. I realize that I’m going to have this problem for the rest of my life. It’s going to be a struggle forever. I’m never going to see normally, but I won’t let that stop me!

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