Big Bro's Points for me going into Army

January 14, 2010
By LcplShannon PLATINUM, Chicago, Illinois
LcplShannon PLATINUM, Chicago, Illinois
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Me and my big brother always chill and talk about our view on serving our country. He tells me his views on the Marines and the Army. Me and my brother go back as kids. We are very tight as brothers and we did everything together. Here is my little info about me and my big bro. My big brother, George, has always doing something to make us have the funniest day ever. When we were kids, he and I always did dangerous, but fun, activities together. We did a thing called “Smoking the Car” every 4th of July. We would take a bunch of smoke bombs and put about 2-3 in a car. We would put them in the muffler, the hood, and in the window if it was open. People would run out and become scared that their car was on fire. Then it would die out, and they would see the funny prank and go inside laughing. Later in our teen years, we made up a new fun activity called “Triple D”, and we did it with all of our friends. It stood for ding dong ditch. We would go up to a house and ring the door bell then take off to hide while we saw the angry people come out and have a fit about it. When my brother and I grew to our mid teen years, 13 and 16, we did the best thing ever, which still goes on today, called “Seasons of the Bombings”. We’d bomb our neighborhood with the seasons help of snow balls (winter), tomatoes (fall), water balloons (summer), and crab apples (spring), crab apples are little apples that are small and hard. We would bomb every year with my big brother, and it is very fun. When we got older, 15 and 18, we were separated. We really did we ever see each other, but after he can back for the Army him and I chilled in his car. While we chill in his car, he would tell me about how fun he Army really is. Now he is telling me info about the army and now I’m getting interested in it more than the Marines. We chilled everyday for the month he stayed and talked about it. Now he’s back in the Army and will come back in December. While he is here at home, we will do a lot of activities together, and hopefully don’t get in trouble while doing all the fun activities that he does a bootcamp. My brother was an adult now that is he is 18, but in some way he still has his 13 year old child in him. The way will chill and relax with each other has changed but it is more fun. My brother and I argue about what service I should do: Army or Marines. I chose Army after a while because maybe there was a chance I would end up with him in a different continent. He told me everything about the Army, and its benefits. I get the point my big brother is trying to get to me. He’s trying to chill with me so he can get me to do the service he is doing now. Now he’s is back in the Army, and will come back in December to have another chance to convince me fully to go to the army once again. Even though we talk about adult situations and future jobs, we still do things together that make us seem like were kids again. A good example would be playing video games and cruising in his car. How we would start chasing each other with other friends from when we were kids. Chilling and playing football. Mostly chilling with our dad. My big brother is gone again and now I’m bored and alone. Having George around is the best times I have each day he comes home from the Army to relax a little with me and my family and talk about the army’s benefits again. I write about the army in poems too. I wrote this one for the Army if some were to win a war but did it for yourself:
What is the army?
What are the Soldiers but a mission or a task being done by the best? Soldiers are noble, strong, and no where weak. I respect and strive to be them a lot. To be one of the best pushing my limits over the peak. They are a team of dogs or a group of lions. They are called jarheads of the best. They accomplish anything, anywhere. When others fail they don’t. They are helpers of the world. Never to give up. Training hard so they never stop doing their duties to serve and protect. Soldiers never leave another soldier behind. As they are brothers in this war. Sisters are fighting and winning the battle. It’s not out of being kind, it’s something that they have to do no matter what. Soldiers fight and win all the times. Never lose even if they are pinned down. Soldiers are smart, rough, fast, and unstoppable. Never letting the USA down. Keep fighting until the usa citizens stop looking blank about their future. It is going to be rough or is it going to be sound?
What I say is this.
“You can fight for your country and Win but still have a loss inside. That one day you’ll fight again and win for you and your country too instead of for yourself.”

The author's comments:
my piece is my brother telling about the army and since we did everything together he wants me to trust him with a choice of my future

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