Real Team Spirit

January 14, 2010
By Anonymous

“GO COOGS!” filled the crowd as the bright red uniforms ran through the smoke into the equivalently bright red stadium. I felt the rush of excitement enter my body. The joy also filled my cousin who was dancing and screaming at the top of his lungs. The energetic crowd settled into their seats and the band lined up to go on the field. The band were the craziest people in the whole stadium. They were dancing, jumping, singing and laughing. The band beautifully played the Cougar fight song and Star Spangled Banner and was shooed of the field. Sportsmanship is and important aspect to incorporate in any sport. To be role models both full teams walk onto the field and shook hands with the other team, they were showing good sportsmanship. The game was off.

I was sitting on the hard bleachers with the sun pounding down on me as it sunk slowly like a boat into water. The game was a for sure victory. During the first five minutes we had scored three touchdowns, which made the rest of the game awfully boring. The players were constantly showing good sportsmanship though. After every time another player was knocked down someone from any team would help them out. It really showed how an athlete can be competitive but still kind. Then something surprising happened. Out of the dark sky dropped a small drop of water which was fallowed by tons more of its tiny friends. I look up and the way the water drops looked as the fell into lights of the stadium was amazing. It looked as if the drops were appearing from nothing, crossing from the dark side to the light. They fell onto my skin and cooled it. I only look down when I noticed that more and more people were packing up their things and leaving. It was an imaginary alarm clock that told everybody it was time to leave. My family rose to leave and I caught on quickly, I jumped up but my cousin continued to sit. “A real fan would stay through the rain!” he informed us. None of us apparently were real fans as we continued to walk out. My cousin couldn’t persuade us enough to sit in the cold rain to watch a confirmed win for our team. As we were walking out I noticed that good sportsmanship is not only showed on the filed but also in the stands. I was walking down the steep ramp and tripped as I often do, but this time an arm caught me and it was an arm of the other team’s fan. I quickly thanked him and kept going while I blushed with embarrassment, but knowing one thing made me happy, he was able to step across the line and help a fellow being even if I was wearing a different color.

The author's comments:
My first piece of writing is called “Real Team Spirit,” don’t be distracted by the deep title, it really isn’t my best work. When I turned in this paper I was confident in the way I wrote the best I knew how, at the time, but I knew it wasn’t high school material. To prepare for the paper, the hardest think was the story itself, I had no idea what I wanted to discuss. I had a difficult time writing this paper because I knew it was the first time my teacher would read my personality through writing. I enjoyed writing this because on some level I wanted to show my abilities. I enjoyed my paper in the way I used description and the way I showed my emotions. Although I used excellent description, I didn’t elaborate on my story. If I rewrote this paper I would make sure i elaborated on my story and give more details. Others said my paper was descriptive and a good theme but, again, I needed more of a story. If I was grading myself on this paper I would give myself an 75.

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