My First Day of High School

January 14, 2010
My first day of high school taught me to not always expect the bad things out of life but to expect the good things that come. I expected my day to be full of loneliness and anxiety. On my first day atHigh School, I arrived, and I went to the gym for the pep rally that was packed with students and teachers. I felt anxious because I didn’t know anybody and sat with the entire freshman class at the pep rally. I sit down and meet a new friend, Nick , We exchange greetings and watch the cheerleaders perform. The sound of cheer from the cheerleader increases my anxiety, but at the same time it becomes the reason why I’m starting to like high school because I have never seen so many hot girls in my life, except at Hooters.

Nick and I walk out of the gym to our first class of high school. My first class was Mr. Malouf’s ancient civilization. I walk with Nick through the hallways looking for a teacher to ask for directions. I find a teacher, look at my schedule, and then ask, “Where is Mr. Malouf’s ancient civilization?” The teacher then points me in the direction of where to go, and my anxiousness and anxiety is decreased. I follow her directions and realize all the hallways look like the inside of a hospital. The walls were very sterile and blank just like a hospital’s hallways. I wasn’t used to being in a school without much decoration. My previous middle school was covered with projects on the hallway’s walls.

When Nick and I met Mr. Malouf we saw that he was average height, had brown hair, and from his appearance that he was Middle Eastern. The bell rang and we went to class. The class could tell from his introduction that he was aware of how everyone in the class felt, which was alone and anxious. We were comforted after Mr. Malouf said “Okay, I know that this is your first day of high school, and I want this to be a good first class of high school because you are all thinking oh my gosh I’m so nervous because this is my first class!” Afterwards, our classmates gave an introduction to the other members of the class including information like our previous school, our names, and a fact about us. Next, Mr. Malouf told the class about his background after we asked where he was from. After class, Nick and I verbally exchanged schedules and went to our next classes that happened to be.

After my last period, Nick and I met up with his old friends from his previous school. We met up at the Mustang Corral, which was packed with teenagers. The Mustang Corral is where we ate lunch, and this was the best lunch that I have bought at any school. His friends, Robby and Jack, ate lunch with a new friend that I also met at the Mustang Corral, David. The food was better than I had expected. Most cafeteria food I have had has been very plain. This food was awesome. I enjoyed the sounds of forks and knives rubbing against the plates. The pizza was steamy, andhad slices of pepperoni that reminded me of a fresh sausage. The cheese was as fluffy as cotton. The sauce was as smooth as a baby’s bottom. We all ate outside at a table and enjoyed our 35-40 minute lunch. Next, we headed to each of our classes and said goodbye.

My next class was Mr. Kelly’s Biology I class. When we sat down he shouted as if he was deaf. He introduced himself and explained that he would be the most ADD teacher that we would have at school. Whenever he called our names randomly, we thought we were in trouble, but he was really just practicing our names. Mr. Kelly intimidated me because of his height and deep voice. He called me Mayfield the entire class, and I had realized that he needed to practice my name some more. He was the first teacher to put me to work on my very first day of school. This upset me greatly because usually there is not much work on the first day. In the last ten minutes of class, we played games on our computer and talked to each other. We conversed with one another about the things on his wall, which included barf bags signed by students from previous school trips. I left the class with thoughts of weird ideas like “this is the weirdest teacher ever.”

After my class I went to carpool and got taken home by my mom and the honking of her horn as if she was from New York. When I got home I thanked God for such a wonderful day of my first day high school. My day was so wonderful. God had answered my prayers. I prayed to God that he would give me a good day of my first day of high school, and he did. I was so blessed that God had given me good day and was so thankful. I had pictured my first day would be the ones in the movies, but it wasn’t. The first day of high school in the movies is like when a teenager is alone and he or she sits by himself at lunch. I talked to God on my knees in my bedroom, and afterwards, I played my videogames and went to bed.

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