A Starry Night

January 7, 2010
By Veronica Bosco BRONZE, Smithtown, New York
Veronica Bosco BRONZE, Smithtown, New York
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The mystifying radiance of the white spots emitted an iridescent illumination into the deep black abyss. The glittering glow of the nocturnal stars put a spotlight on the gloomy, gray nighttime shadows that crept around the corners of the faded tan vinyl siding which sheltered the looming two-story house. Sweltering, stifling steam rolled off of the terra-cotta colored asphalt shingles that roofed the residence.
The tantalizing twists and kinky coils of my platinum blonde hair drank up the warm water that was hidden in the sticky, sultry sky, forcing a layer of frizz upon the once regal ringlets. The rowdy curls atop my head danced around in a frenzied panic; the wild weatherworn poof had to be tamed by a plastic, white, spring-latch hair clip. The cheap fastener broke under the pressure that swelled in between the back of my head and the freshly mowed grass underneath me.
The starlight above highlighted the radiance of his skin, its tanned tone enlightened the two pale blue icebergs through which he saw the world. His olive complexion was only slightly darkened, revealing maybe one or two trips to the local, rocky beach on an early summer’s day. Wispy, lengthy pieces of hair as black as the night itself dangled down over his forehead, hiding the attack wounds he had from battling the brutal sun.
The outside air instigated a chameleon-like change in the color of my extremities. The partially chipping “Cha-Ching Cherry” polish that coated my toenails was exposed through snow white rubber flip-flops, and paired with my purple toes, my feet looked like a fruity smorgasbord. My pallid and pasty fingertips pushed the tufts of his tresses off of his brow, and upon my discovery of his scarlet sunburn, the color in his cheeks transformed to a comparable shade of red. He whacked my hand away from his face, and instead of recoiling in embarrassment or disgust as I feared he would, he took my hand in his and drew me closer to his scorched skin.

Fingers intertwined, I could feel slimy sweat accumulate between our hands. Simultaneously, the hair on my arms stood up, brushing against the cozy, comfy inside of my shamrock green fleece sweatshirt. Goosebumps tiptoed their way underneath my skin. I found my braced teeth in a smile rather than clenching up and down in the shivering chaos that normally accompanies the chills.
My head was spinning and the heat seemed to be toying with me. A hazy dream cloud floated above me and stole away my sense of perception; however, the warmth of his spearmint scented breath melted my mind back to reality. The beats of my heart powerfully pulsated and boomed like thunder echoing over a vast valley. Lub, the whiffs of tropical fresh fragranced bug spray and citronella candles were replaced by the ginger, white pepper, and Italian bergamot scent of his cologne. Dub, the chirps of the crickets and screeching love songs of the cicadas faded into the background, shifting from a trying timbre to a seemingly sweet melody. Lub-dub, the butterflies in my stomach frantically fluttered around faster and faster as our faces got closer. Lub-dub, lub-dub, lub-dub…
My heart stopped, becoming forever frozen in the moment. The sparkles of my passion fruit pop lip gloss soared from my lips to his as we embraced in a kiss, a passionate phenomenon of which I was experiencing for the first time. I raised my eyebrows in a quirky manner, only to realize that my shock and awe left me forgetting to close my shimmery espresso shadow covered eyelids. Instead of instantly slamming them shut, I let my wonder swim through the two deep blue pools I looked out of. Finally, I closed my eyes and let my bliss bloom.

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