January 7, 2010
By horselov.406 BRONZE, Columbus, Montana
horselov.406 BRONZE, Columbus, Montana
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"Jed wears his hair like this!" Mouth screaming, legs jumping, I plowed into the ice cold water that felt exceptionally good on that hot summer day. My friend since diapers, Leah, was right behind me. Before jumping in she belted out the next line of our fantastic song about Jed Studner. She leaped in right after singing about how Jed only had one earring. Leah and I, just two care free kids, were having a blast.

Leah was on the rock gaining the courage to jump. Waiting impatiently for the jump, I glanced upward. I saw my grandma, loving and understanding, looking down on us, laughing. She probably was getting sick of us singing about Leah's crush named Jed, but how could we help it? The song, easy to remember and very entertaining, was great. Our legs, tired and played out, were like jelly. Breathing heavy and exhasted we drug our selves out of the river.We climbed back up on to the rock we had just jumped off of and began singing and laughing again. . .

The author's comments:
This is a short story about a good memory that my best friend and I had a long time ago.

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