January 7, 2010
By kobera BRONZE, Columbus, Montana
kobera BRONZE, Columbus, Montana
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BRRR! It's cold; very very very cold. It's so cold I'm struggling to write without stopping to warm my hands every few minutes. With every breathe I take, my teeth, tonsils, and tongue get closer and closer to freezing point. I don't want to exhale because every time I do, the moisture from my breath freezes to my lips. The breeze doesn't help either. My skin feels like it's being slapped over and over again.I want to close my eyes because it feels like the tears surrounding them are going to freeze and I wont be able to blink ever again. I'm sure they're not, but it seems as though my teeth have frozen to the roots and are almost ready to fall off. The cold is making its way through my shoes. As I write this, I lose more and more feeling in my toes. I hope I'll be able to stand up again to escape this frigid weather.

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