The Adventure through the crocodile pond

January 7, 2010
By Anonymous

I am navigating my way in a boat, carefully avoiding entangling myself into the streams of roots.These roots are like dripping icicles, since each root overlaps one another, seeming to get bigger and bigger, as if the roots are racing to be at the very top. I’m admiring the competition of these roots nestling above the water. These intertwining, unwinding roots of the deep lagoon are also great hiding spots for emerging friends and enemies. Everytime I close my eyes, I can picture this place in my mind, where nothing stands in my way. This glorious, euphoric feeling is the true way to live life, and it cannot be bottled up or packaged. Approach nature as a meaningful adventure.
Gazing up above these roots of grizzly hair mess, I see a flock of immaculately white birds perching in a tree, making it look like winter in the middle of the summer. I cannot decifier the sounds that each bird is making. My human ears hear humming, when the sounds combine together. Perhaps these birds are reminding me to be in the present mode; as I listen to the bords, Ifeel my past thoughts sliding away like an ocean’s tide.
Slithering down the trunks of these sponge-like absorbing water trees, prominently long fluorescent green and yellow pigmented scales, protruding with spikes, are covering their curly Q tails; four small, little feet, are grasping onto the wood. Smoothly swerving and swaying effortlessly, its malleable, agile torsos move along with great speed and accuracy down the tree trunks. Looking down, I see why these creatures come together in clumps: it's a fiesta! Lying in a cluster of roots and turf is a stash of fresh, green, textured lettuce leaves. The creatures consume the food; the leaves juxtapose to their rough, green pointy mouths. The little ones anxiously sit on their mother's backs, waiting for her to feed their little bellies. I can see their alert, shiny, black eyes gazing at me, though not minding my presence. I watch these creatures, sensing the warm, cuddly, curling up feeling inside myself; I feel like a part of their little family clan.
I witness these lovely iguanas spending time together as a family, unconditionally loving one another. Freely and blissfully, these iguanas display the true meaning of living with one another on earth; loving one another, spending time together, and being happy with oneself and each other.
Drifting away from the iguana fiesta, I’m feeling a tickling, tingling instinct inside, as a drifting log slowly inches closer to my proximity. Another one lagging behind is also creeping at an angle, as if to corner me in. My natural instincts are saying fight or flight, and flight it is. Feeling powerless in the water, I’m heading near the shore, my only safe turf. As I inch closer to the shore, its tail is swerving back and forth, skating on water, propelling itself faster and faster like a clock ticking time to my jumping heart beat. This creature’s black and grey jaws with pointy teeth look intimidating to my small arms and feet.
Feeling my insides twist like the tree roots trying to reach ahead one another, I race to the shore. I’m like a fleeing bird looking for a safe perch, or an iguana climbing fast down a tree. Glancing behind myself I feel the presence of those looming eyes. My light green and blue crescent eyes meet the dark eclipse-like eyes of the crocodile, which is slowly inching itself onto the shore. Stiff as a tree sweating leaves, I'm standing ten feet away from a crocodile, who's ready for a tasty lunch. I escape.
Danger is looming and it can strike at any given time. It is easy an easy idea to accept, although a hard situation to face. Food chains are everywhere and I must keep my eyes open long enough to see whether I fight, escape, or accept; danger can loom over my head, and it is up to me to outsmart this threat. The crocodile represents danger staring me straight in the face, making me want to flinch. My choice I make is my ticket up or down the food chain. Ideas, my conscience, and instincts play like a broken record; my family and friend’s life can be taken away or even mine! I must love and appreciate everyone around me as much as possible, like those iguanas loving one another.
On my adventure in the deep lagoon, each creature is teaching me the true meaning of life; I find truth and discover myself. It’s a moment in time, when a bubble is lifting my sense of reality away, or perhaps, bringing it closer. If I’m not witnessing beauty or feeling nature or living an adventure, then my life feels like an empty hole, filling with clutter and cobwebs. I see a flock of birds teaching me to listen to nature and be in the present moment. I also spot an iguana clan sharing their lettuce meal, and being together as a family, revealing the importance of family and friends supporting one another. Camouflage and survival is what creatures do best, and protecting myself people I care about is important to essential happiness and well-being. Whether I'm a crocodile or iguana or bird, each creature is sharing a place on this earth together and each creature connects to one another. Throughout my life on earth, I will continue my adventure, and seek more truth behind nature’s gifts.

The author's comments:
Hey Everyone. Heres' one of my new pieces. It's a reflection on the most amazing dangerous surreal momments in my life. I went on this journey to Mexico and had no idea what I was going to run into at cape bentinia. So tell me what you think. Love too hear from you.

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