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January 7, 2010
By Beginner BRONZE, Rio De Janeiro, Other
Beginner BRONZE, Rio De Janeiro, Other
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What is the one thing that has given you the most memories? Is it the friends that you’ve held dearly, or maybe it’s the bond you have with your family? People always think about those as main benefactors for memories, but has anyone ever given thought to hometowns? I asked myself this question on the way to school the other day and it got me thinking, do hometowns define how we were brought up? Does a person from a well brought up neighberhood have an advantage over someone who lived in a developing neighberhod? How can some people live happily in one place for the rest of their lives, while others venture off to a place of unknown? As a Boston native through and through, Boston will always be home to me, it gives me comfort when I need it, but as I think about college and my future I’ve notice it is no longer in my plans to stay here, is this betrayal or acceptance? I pride myself a red sox fan, but see myself jumping ship towards New York City, which in Boston, is considered the 8th deadly sin. As I reminisce on old memories and the places that mean the most to me, I realize a hometown is nothing more than a starting point to some, and an ending for others. The start of a different phase of our life, even that life being in the same settin, or the ending to those who move away, and begin somewherelse. Hometowns can either give you an endless amount of resources or cut you off from civilization. Do we ever really forget where we’re from or are we the same hometown boy/girl during old age?

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