love lost: the story part I

January 6, 2010
The memories:

I remember. I can never forget.

The room was silent, yet everything was so loud. Silent to anyone who would come as close as to putting their ear on the door. Inside however music played between the two of us.
I rubbed my hand across him, caressing the silk underneath my fingers. I felt if I touched him to long he would melt away on top of me. Warmth. Our bodies touching one another created a fire underneath me. Lifting my head slightly I could see every muscle of his silk back. Arched slightly, he held me cradled in his arms. Like a baby, he held me with tenderness. Almost as if he was afraid the weight of his body would crush me, even by making the slightest move. Underneath him however, our bodies fit perfectly into one another. His heart beat gently touching my breast, fit where mine would cease. Creating its on melody without our permission. I could feel his eyes burning back and forth traces across my face. In a study. A race to memorized and take in every aspect of my face. It was as if he knew some day he would need to remember it. Some day I would be gone…


I remember these days. Walking back and forth between two places we were yet to be able to call home. Now I look back and wonder were we wandering like nomads in search of a home? We came and left many places hoping to make a home on several occasions. Was the true message to ourselves that our home was each other?

The beginning:

I was only a kid when I got into the car. When I got out my whole life changed forever. The whole car ride there I was nervous. I hadn’t seen him for months, beyond the unbreakable walls of my dreams. My heart raced, I had five hours to gather myself before I met the rest of my life. Millions of questions ran through my head but none could be answered. All I knew was that he needed me. I, the person who had once single handedly brought his life to its knees. Now I wonder am I an epiphany for repetition of bad in this man’s life?
When he seen me he wouldn’t let go, knocking the little air I had in me out. His hug was everything I dreamed it would be. Everything we missed. He knew who I was, and my sight, as his, brought back every memory we tried to push to the back of our thoughts. His aroma dazed me. He smelled like my dreams. A smell I thought would never trigger my memory again. In my head my eyes rolled to the back and my knees got weak. It was so simple what brought us to that point. He needed me… and I needed him.
Details of the day would be an exhaust to bring up. Rain came down and it was filled with many "I cant believe you’re here" whispers in my ear. Much wonders of where we would spend that night and where food would come from to eat for the day. But nothing else mattered that night. Except that we had each other.

If love is so great once being you reunited:

Let us meet every night underneath the moon
Going forever without each other everyday
And meeting on one accord every night
All our days trouble set aside
And passions ignited
Hearts calm, and minds clear
All our worries free to life
We have each other at night

Are details in need of our night? He held me and wouldn’t let go. Shifting when I shifted, and tugging on me if I moved too far from his embrace. The familiar scent in the air is one I never thought would trigger my memories again and put me to sleep fastened in his arms.

Every night we could live through the day and on to the next as long as we could get past it enough to lay down together at night.

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FantasyDraka said...
Sept. 28, 2010 at 2:20 pm
I love it! I liked the way you described every detail, and I also like that I can visualizethe scenario. Keep up the good work.:)
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