Diving Into Questions

January 6, 2010
By Emily Kirsch BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
Emily Kirsch BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
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12ft high on the diving board looking down. It is a pretty far way to jump but from the poolside it only looks about 5ft off the water. Should I dive for the first time or jump for the millionth? This was the question running through my head. I have never done this before. Could I get hurt?

I knew that I could jump but I have been wanting to dive for so long also I have been practicing my line up dive so I could be ready for this moment, but I wasn’t. A confused feeling filled my head and a sick feeling filled my stomach. I really didn’t feel ready but if I get off I would feel like I let myself down so I had to try. My friends really wanted me to dive so I had people counting on me.

Haley and Morgan wanted to see a dive but Alison was covering her eyes thinking I was going to hurt myself. Was she right, could I? I look down to see the water, rippling in circles from the other divers. I can hear Haley an Morgan cheer “dive, dive,
dive”. I can smell the chlorine lifting up to my nose to give me the warm feeling of summer, I can taste the bitter water pouring into my mouth even though it was just the air, I can feel the rough texture of the diving bored under my feet. I t felt as rough as sandpaper. I put my hands up above my head and bend down putting my hands together at my thighs I let them leak down to my shins. I close my eyes ready to dive.

I jerk back not confident. I can do this. I try again, letting my hands fall above my head at my shins. I close my eyes, lift up my heels and fall. I get the sensation of flying, like I am a bullet shooting at the water. My hair blows back in the wind and my toes are shaking. I can hear Morgan’s gasp of air when she saw my dive. My eyes are still closed and suddenly the water invites itself up my fingertips. The water finally slides up to my toes. The water is cold.

As I lift my head up, I see Alison was still covering her eyes but with an opening in between her fingers so she could see. Morgan and Haley were clapping for me. Uncontrollably, a smile spread across my face. The lifeguard was excited I didn’t hurt myself. The water was still circling from the pressure. Another diver flew off the low dive but I was proud. I had finally dove off the high dive. I felt so confident at that moment. Like nothing could stop me and I could take on the world. The diving world that is. This moment was special. I learned how to do something I never thought I could but now that I had this moment with me forever, I can dive off the high dive without getting nervous and I love to dive whenever I get the chance!

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this piece was that in english class we were doing a writing unit on slowing down the moment. I decided to write about a moment that i really enjoyed and a topic i love. i tried to use all of the writing techniques over the years. My writing has matured a bit since i wrote this but i still feel proud when i read it.

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