road rage

January 6, 2010
By titanicboy BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
titanicboy BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
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One time when I was having a play-date, I almost got hit by a car. I was very scared. The car had faulty brakes and was going around 60 m.p.h. He ran the red light and the guy put on the emergency brake and turned onto the curb. My friend, his mom, and I had just left Baskin Robbins and were heading to their car when it happened. She pulled me back and I was caught by surprise. I was stunned about how stupid people can be about their cars.
The car that almost hit me was completely covered in rust. Not a single fleck of paint was on the car and the brake line looked like it could fall off any minute, the tires were patched up so much that they were duck-tape tires, both head lights were burned out, the glass over the headlights were shattered, the windshield looked like it hadn’t been washed since the day it was made, the engine sounded like a person who has the flu, all of the tires were spares, and worse of all, there was a beer keg and a glass in the passenger seat, the glass was full too, there was the heavy stench of cigarettes in the car, the mirrors were worn out, the muffler was tied to a string, the rear view mirror was being held on by a single thread of string, but the trunk looked reasonably new. The guy was a jerk and he raised his middle finger at me, and the guy looked drunk.
Years later, my dog Yaz almost got hit by a car during summer vacation. We were at my uncle’s summer house in Massachusetts when it happened. He got loose from his leash and started to run through other peoples’ yards. My parents and my brother ran after him. This led to my first driving experience.
Running, I jumped into the golf cart that I had been tinkering with and started the gas engine. With a bag of treats in one hand, string in my pocket, and the wheel in the other, I raced after Yaz as if it was a drag race and he was winning. I let go of the wheel and tried to steer the cart wheel with my teeth, tying a string onto one of the treats with my free hand. I then put it behind the cart and put the pedal to the floor. The golf cart jumped ahead of Yaz and he chased after it. He snagged the treat in his teeth and probably thought that this was a game.
I forgot where I was and the cart steered onto a nearby road, while Yaz ran down the Shell Road shortcut. He ran right past me onto shortcut. I was wondering why. Then I realized what happened. The cart had followed grooves on the road and steered itself onto a boardwalk. With some quick thinking and planning, I drove onto the remains of the old Nonquitt Hotel. I ran over something hard. I stopped the cart and walked over. It was the entrance to a basement, covered in cobwebs and big spiders. I tripped over something shiny and flat that was sticking out of the ground. I went to see what it was and I saw that it was an old railroad conductor’s watch. I looked at it for a few minutes and then I placed it back and buried it so no one would find it. Then I ran back to the cart and took off. I heard a clanking sound behind me, and it was a bolt that fell off the cart’s engine. I thought it wasn’t a big deal and left it there.
Can you guess who was waiting up at the top of the road to ambush me? Yaz that’s who!! He ran after me and passed me. I turned around and got that bolt from the ground. It was oily and greasy and smelled like gas. I realized it went with the piston and put it back in the place and hand tightened it. I noticed a difference in the speed of the cart immediately. I said “Thank goodness that that’s fixed.”
Yaz heard me going the other way and ran after me. I stopped and he jumped into the cart and we rode home. He got the treats that were in the bag and ate a little string while he was at it. When we got back to the house, Yaz slept for 3 hours and then played with us in the backyard. Today, he still runs away from the house in Nonquitt, but we always catch him now on foot. My parents never trusted me with the golf cart again. Now I know how Yaz felt when he almost got hit by a car. SCARED!! Now when Yaz escapes, I think back to the day I almost got run over by a car. Then the adrenalin kicks in and I sprint after him. In THE END, I always remember when I got hit by a car.

The author's comments:
It took very long to write this. I hope you like it.

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