The big yellow one

January 6, 2010
By , crestwood, KY
I was waiting in line with my family which is my step brother, step mom, dad and me. But as I am waiting I was always asking question because there wasn’t much to do when your in line. But I would always see signs when we got closer to the end. We had just got in line after the line was moving for some amount of time I see a big blue sign it had some small writing on it in black but then in big white letters it said 2 hours from this point. I groaned and asked why it had to be so long. I keep seeing the blue signs 1 hour and 30 minutes 1 hour, 45 minuets, and 15 minuets.

Then we were finally there. We were walking up the big brown medal steps that had shapes on them. Right as I was close enough I peeked my head over the top to see what it looked like and I saw a bright yellow cart that had rows of 4 and there were about 5 rows. After a few minuets it was our turn as I look at it I think wow I have to use this? I’m pretty much standing.

As I strap my self in I am scared to do it because once it starts I cant get out. So after I strap my self in the ride starts, as we are going up I hear click click click click click the whole way up. As we reach the top I look down then we start to tip I hear screaming of all pities and boys and girls. While we are falling at a very steep angle we are going down so fast I feel that my body is tingling and it makes me jump.

I hear a boom and I see that were on a different railing we switched? I was thinking because we were going straight. But all the sudden I hear a boom again but this time everything went black. So it turns out we went into a tunnel underground then I see a white light at the end of the tunnel and as you get closer to it your start to see the track not just a light and people stop screaming then it calms down and goes on a smooth track then comes to a slow and gentle stop.

As I was getting off I was thinking wow, that was the best roller coster have ever been on. But while I was thinking that my parents were thinking I am never riding one of those again. I tried to get them to let me go again but they didn’t want to wait such a long time.

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