health project summary

January 6, 2010
By Anonymous

During my health project I was trying to improve a certain part of my mental health. The part of my mental health I wanted to change was for me not to procrastinate. I procrastinate pretty often and its not a good thing to do. You get stressed out, you forget to do things that are important like your homework. This all can lead to you getting bad grades and not being happy with yourself. I wasn’t sure what to choose for this project and when I was talking to Dillon who is in my class he asked me if I procrastinated at all and I realized I do procrastinate, so I chose that as my topic. My grades were not very good when I would procrastinate and they’re still not as good as I would want them to be, but they have gotten better. I don’t procrastinate very much anymore so I hand in better work and I don’t stay up as late doing homework so I get more sleep.

A behavior I would target is that instead of coming home tired and getting a snack and taking a long time to eat it in front of the TV. I would get a quick healthier snack and eat it while doing my homework as long as I wouldn’t make a mess and ruin my homework. This got my home work done faster and it had better quality and I would then later have more free time or time to study for a test or quiz. This project was more long term than a short term project so it could’ve became difficult to keep track of everything I did or had to do. Therefore I had several pieces of paper that had lines where events went and dates on the side next to each line. I would use this to help break up my big projects into smaller parts. If there was a lab report due in a week I would write lab report at the top and for each date I wrote something I should do. For instance, on a Monday I would write do the introduction and the hypothesis and so forth. This would cause me to have less stress.

During the process of me trying not to procrastinate; I would sometimes catch my self saying in my head oh don’t worry about it, that essay isn’t do until Monday. Therefore I would have to say wait lets go get my chart and figure out how I can break this essay up into smaller parts so I’ll be less stressed out. I used to think that procrastination was no big deal and if I didn’t procrastinate it wouldn’t be any different and I wouldn’t notice any other changes but I did. I feel less stressed out and I am receiving better grades. And that is exactly what my greatest accomplishment was that I’m getting better grades.

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