Church Chaos

January 5, 2010
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My mom was reading out of the student bible when she was interrupted by students at the back table. I was sitting in the back, cutting and stapling papers. I quickly pulled up a chair, making my presence known. But that didn’t stop them…

“Don’t color it like that,” one student said.

Michel quickly changed expressions “I can color it anyway I like.”

Flabbergasted, my mom said, “Michael…John stop interrupting me.”

Quietly, I asked them to look at their own paper and worry about themselves. It worked for a while…until an activity, with cutting and gluing. The supplies were handed out and the students were yelling:

“I want those scissors.”

“No, I got them first.”

I suggested sharing the scissors, but they didn’t want to. I politely asked Michael for the scissors.

“See these scissors don’t work. Who wants to use them if they don’t cut?” I said.

I went over to the desk to get a pair of scissors and offered to cut. The students forgot about the scissor debate. They wanted my help. I was busy cutting students’ booklets…When new directions were brought to my attention voices grew making the back half of the room chaotic.

“John, why are you yelling?” I asked.

“Because this isn’t fun.”

I said, “First thing, please sit down and tell me what you did over the weekend.”

John told about his weekend. It opened up a conversation and didn’t disturb the rest of the class. The four students at the table needed a “big brother” to connect with them. Three classes after that, we learned about what Father wears during mass. Cloaks of certain color. My mom got a hold of them and I tried everyone on. I succeeded in making the students laugh, and engage in classroom discussion. It made the class enjoyable and beneficial.

Every class after that, the back table wanted their big brother. In understanding children, I had patience and compromise. If one thing doesn’t work try something else. When things seem to get tough the easy thing to do is give up. But sticking to it, describes a person greatly. I realize life isn’t handed to one. But one has to work for it. By teaching Sunday school, strengthen me to accomplish tasks that are difficult at times. I taught the rest of the year to accomplish the task that I was given.

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