I Believe in the Power of Religion

December 16, 2009
By Anonymous

I believe in the power of religion. My family is a religious family. We believe that God is the answer to everything. We go to church most Sundays and praise the Lord for anything and everything. When I was about 2 years old, my Great Aunt Louis passed away. My Grandmother, my Mother, and other family members were at the hospital when she passed.
My Great Grandmother Madea was at home sleeping in her bed when her daughter passed, so she didn’t know about it. My Mom, my Grandmother, and family were discussing who was going to be the one to tell Madea that her daughter had died. They left the hospital to go tell Madea the bad news.
Madea was sleeping, and she said that she felt a shake on her foot, like someone was trying to wake her silently, but she ignored it the first time because she thought that it wasn’t anything. She felt it again, and this time, she woke up. She looked at the end of her bed, and there stood Aunt Louis in all white. Turns out that Aunt Louis had came back to tell her Mother that she had passed and wanted to say goodbye. Madea left her room and went to the living room and watched TV. My mother and Grandmother arrived at Madea’s house from the hospital to tell her what happened. Madea stopped my mom in her story and said that she already knew. She figured that somebody had come to the house and told her. Madea told her that Aunt Louis had come and woke her up and told her that she was gone; and that she had come back to say goodbye. My Mom and Grandmother were in disbelief.
The next day I was sitting in the living room watching TV and my Mother was in the kitchen washing dishes. My Mom saw something move out of the corner of the kitchen window; there she stood once again; Aunt Louis was waving goodbye to my Mother. My Mother dropped her plate and broke it and ran out of the house with me in her arms; we went to my Aunt Mary’s house.

A similar thing happened to a preacher I know. Over the past few months, he had trouble breathing and experienced a shortness of breath. His doctor did X-rays on his chest and was startled by the results. He had a tumor covering his chest; it was lying on his lungs, causing the breathing problems. The doctors told him that the major arteries were being covered by the tumor, and that there wasn’t much they could do; he predicted that he had maybe 30 days to live.
After he left the doctor’s office, he went to church and asked for healing. The doctors told him to come back in a week to start therapy. Every day of that week, he went to church and asked for a blessing of healing. During his appointment, he went into the doctor’s office with confidence and told the doctor that he wanted another X-ray. The doctor said that there was no way that the tumor would be gone in a week, but they did as he wished. About 30 minutes later, the doctor came back with the results; they were shocked. The tumor was completely gone. He was told he had about 5 years to live, but his appointment was in 2001. I believe in the power of religion.

The author's comments:
This inspired me to write because i'm a big believer in Religion and that i think god wanted me to write this story with him in mind.

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