Letter to the Greatest People in the World

January 12, 2010
By Anonymous

Dear Reader,

As described in the title of this website my name is Jarrett. It is my freshmen year and one of the many classes that must be taken is a writing and declamation class. This rigorous class has helped to improve my writing skills and has helped me to produce quality papers. Although it’s probably not college worthy I believe it will improve with time and effort.

My first story is about using the Internet or iPod to help increase or decrease social behavior. This particular assignment was given as our class final and was quite interesting when applying the research and arguing all of the different ways iPods and the Internet could actually help to increase social behavior. My challenge in writing this paper was leaving to use the MLA format. One of my favorite parts from this paper was my thesis argument because it really helps to write a paper when you personally believe in your argument.

My second paper is about Affirmative Action and it is called Life is Unfair Why not a Second Chance. It is about how certain people were given extra opportunities due to their race. It was interesting to learn about how ethnicity could be an advantage to get into a college. It was mainly about how the under- privileged have very little opportunity to get into colleges, but with the help of Affirmative Action they were more able to accomplish this goal.

My third paper is called Jr. Jail or Try to Bail, which was exceptionally interesting to learn about how the state took care of juvenile delinquents and how different states treat juveniles. This paper was one of my many papers that took many rough drafts to complete. I tried to get as much help as possible as this was of my first argument paper.

My fourth paper and podcast is called Bless You and the reason it was named this was because it was the theme of my mission trip. This was definitely the one that required the most work because we made a podcast and video of this assignment. It was really difficult because we were asked to describe how this changed us. There were so many ways that this mission trip changed me.

My fifth and last paper is a little narrative about me and my cousins and how that interaction changed me. This is one of my shorter papers that were done at the beginning of the year. I’ve learned much since that first paper and from that first paper I see how much I have changed.

I hope you enjoy it.


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on Jan. 18 2010 at 4:44 pm
I'm sorry; I just don't get this. However, I would like to read your papers. Could you post them up on TeenInk?


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