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November 3, 2009
By , San Diego, CA
Don't ever frown you never know whose falling in love with your smile. Don't ever change because you never know who is falling for the old you. Never be scared to cry because you don't who will be there to brush your tears away. From the first time we took a breath to our first step we already have a planned life and drama. Abusive parents divorce; family looks down at you and can’t find a single good thing that makes them proud. It consumes everyone, don’t dare say you don’t care that no one is proud of you because deep inside you do care. Don’t you remember a time you would be home alone no one to talk to no one to care; you were so lonely yearning for someone to love you? So you hide your tears with smiles, and can’t help but cry yourself to sleep. And once you found that one person you love do not open up to them to fast you never know if there bad people who wants to hurt you and break your heart. Everyone goes through depression, love and hate, there just feelings, don’t let them control you. But once in your lifetime you find that special someone you want to see at church and saying I do. It can be any age so look out for it. But what gets on my nerves is the man who is with you and seems to care for you, so much and then in the end when he leaves he says he never cared. You get so mad and stressed you move on instantly. Friends are forever, boyfriends are whatever, never put your lover before your best friends because you will break there heats and when the moment comes you will never have them in the end, and you will regret everything.

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