The Silver Angel

January 12, 2010
By TayyStormm BRONZE, Rochester, New York
TayyStormm BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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Almost there! I think to myself as I strain my neck out the window to locate the Kozy Kove street sign that will show the way to my favorite place in the world; the sign with the red lettering, discolored by years of weather and sun.
There it is!
Daddy pulls the car down the gravel and dirt road. Dust rises in a cloud behind us. Pebbles fly and attack the sides of the car.
Slowly, the little yellow cottage begins to peak around the corner, calling me. As the yard becomes visible, I see him standing there, cigarette in the corner of his mouth.
Daddy pulls the car off the road and onto the yard. Before the car even stops, I have my seat-belt off, door open and I’m running.
“Bompa!” I yell.
He stomps out his cigarette and opens his arms. I run up and throw my arms around him. He hugs me back and I laugh as he starts to tickle me.
“So, how are you?” Bompa asks me.
“I’m good,” I reply.
“Well what are you good for?”
“For having the best Bompa any girl could ask for.”
He takes my hand and we walk down to the dock near Uncle Nicky’s boat. I look out over the lake with the sun radiant on the water. There is a breeze blowing my hair softly, bringing the lake air across my face. I take a deep breath and smile. Bompa sits down on the edge of the dock, letting his legs dangle in the water. He motions for me to sit down too, so I do. I look down and right under my feet is a big silver fish. I snap my head up so Bompa won’t suspect a thing.
“Hey, Bompa, I spy with my little eye, something silver,” I say.
“Is it, the necklace I’m wearing?”
“The boat over there?” Bompa asks pointing to a big boat in the horizon.
“Is it this?” Bompa asks and draws a little box out of his shirt pocket.
When he opens it, I forget all abut the silvery fish under my feet. There’s a small silver chain, with a locket and an angel charm. On the angel’s skirt, there’s a ruby. My birthstone.
“Oh, Bompa, it’s beautiful!”
“Happy thirteenth birthday sweetie!”
Bompa takes the necklace out of the box and sets it around my neck. I clutch the cold, polished locket in my hand and open it. There’s a picture of me an Bompa from Christmas this year. On the back, there’s an inscription, the sun will always be shining. I love you, Bompa.
It was part of what he always said to me. “Keep your head pointed high towards the sky and the sun will always be shining.”
I throw my arms around him again and hug him hard, tears streaming down my face.
“I love you Bompa,” I say quietly.
“I love you too,”
We sit for a little while longer, just watching the lake and the fish and playing our game of I-Spy. Then, Bompa turns around and says, “I spy your mother.”
I turn around and wave.
“I thought I would find you two down here. Everyone’s looking for you guys. It’s time to open presents,” my mom says.
Bompa takes my hand again and we walk back to the little yellow cottage together.
“Where have you been?” daddy asks when we get up to the cottage.
“Oh, I let her drive the boat, and we got lost,” Bompa says, winking at me.
My daddy just laughs and shows me a chair. Then he hands me present after present, but I don’t remember what any of them were. I can only think about the necklace Bompa gave me, and the time we spent together on the dock. Those times are the best because I don’t get to see him often and he’s one of my favorite people. I guess you could say all I wanted for my birthday was my Bompa. And I guess my wish came true.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for my Bompa shortly after he passed away. I read it at his funeral and left a copy on his grave. To this day, I keep my silver angel necklace with me wherever I go.

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