Technology Overdose?

January 12, 2010
By miranda rogers BRONZE, Cypress, Texas
miranda rogers BRONZE, Cypress, Texas
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Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, texting, chat rooms, phones, music, games. These are all things that we use in everyday life and they are all part of technology. 36,368. That’s how many texts a girl named Rachel, has sent in a year. That’s a lot! You could say she has no life, but really she does. Of course she over texts but she has a social life too.
The use of technology is so prevalent in America that newspapers are going out of business all over the country. People are using Internet for everything. People even use the Internet for communication. Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter are the most visited websites. Did you know that you can now take college courses on line? Did you know that 93 percent of the world have cell phones but most people don’t use them as phones, they use them for texting. For some people texting is a hobby.
In my opinion technology is taking over the world. People are using technology too much and its distracting people form their social life. I’m not saying technology is bad, I’m saying that people need to control their technology cravings. Its okay that people use technology every once in a while but when they use it twenty four seven their life becomes nothing but technology.
Technology can be used for good, like research on a school project, keeping in touch with friends, or listening to music. But sometimes technology tempts us to do things we shouldn’t. Some total stranger could be hacking us on Facebook. They could get into your personal life and you could be in grave danger. You should never put anything to personal on your profile page or accept a friend request of someone you don’t know. It’s dangerous. You could be in a chat room when your supposed to be studying for the big test tomorrow. That’s irresponsible. You could be texting or be on the phone while your driving. That’s very dangerous. You could be at a gas station while you’re on the phone. That is very dangerous as well because the radiation from your phone could ignite the gas from the gas station. You could be listening to music from your iPod while walking down the street, also very dangerous because a car could hit you.
Technology isn’t only dangerous but researches say that it also can make you lonely and depressed. “A recent study conducted by Carnegie Mellon University concludes that Internet use leads to small but statistically significant increases in misery and loneliness and a decline in overall psychological well-being” (Source B Affonso). When your using technology constantly, you have no time for friends and family. Technology can also make you obese. Instead of going outside and getting active you are sitting on the couch all day on you computer, or watching TV, or listening to music.
Some people hate technology and completely isolate themselves from it. The people that don’t use technology have really boring lives. Think about it. What are they going to do on the weekends? That would mean no television, no video games, no computer, and no music. What would you do? Nothing. Some peoples’ lives are technology. Some people are so addicted that they don’t have any friends, no family time, don’t go to social events, and most importantly they don’t leave enough time for God. The first commandment is “You shall have no other gods before me” (The Bible Exodus 20:2-17). We treat technology like another god. We act as if we couldn’t live without it. Well we can’t live without God! We spend so much time on technology that we don’t leave enough time for Him.
I can understand why some people think technology is bad, but I can also understand why some people love technology. Technology is very entertaining, but can become addicting, which is bad for our health. Technology isn’t a bad thing. For some people it helps them make friends. “There are those that claim the music does more to unite people than it does to divide them” (Source D Harris). The same can go for TV shows and video games. People can share common interests in technology and that can help your social life. If we don’t let technology isolate us from the rest of our lives then it isn’t a bad thing.
Technology plays a huge role in our society, especially for the younger ones. For the future generations, technology will get bigger. If we keep ourselves under control then we will be fine, but if we let our temptations sink in and let technology take us over then the dangers of the world will come at us. Technology is too precious and too efficient for people to get rid of. There isn’t much we can do but try to use our time more wisely. Technology isn’t taking over the world. Technology is the world.

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